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  1. subzero

    Trigger Help plz.

    When I use the spell, it onyl moves my character instantly but doesnt do the part of the tigger. :nuts: [/IMG] sry for how blury it is.
  2. subzero

    My new sig-Subzero

    This is my new sig and I made it in Gimp. I had errors with the lettering idk y? anyways, Im going to post all of my sigs here. Im still learning how to use gimp.
  3. subzero

    taking scrn shots on your electronics?

    How do u get a scrn shot of you tv for other video games?
  4. subzero

    Rpg Maker Xp Project by me

    This is my Project on Rpg Maker XP Knights Edition Enhanced anyways here is my link. Sry if its in wrong post. Just want to share what I did. Its only a Beta so its very very short. My game
  5. subzero

    Best WC3 rpg game

    What rpg on on genre rpg is the best to you listed and why? I say cot rpg the first one. Its an rpg I can have fun and everything is balanced.
  6. subzero

    Sig reqeust

    Can someone please make me a Paranoia Agent sig, if not any trouble. What I want on it: Little Slugger Paranoia Agent Buildings in backround in quotes "when darkness covers the hearts, little slugger apears" a title on it "Paranoia Agent" ty very much :shades:
  7. subzero

    Im wandering, what gimp do i download? I looked @ them all and they are diffrent. Which one is the one for sigs? plz reply
  8. subzero

    LOE RPG:Land of Evil

    Ive been rly bored so far this summer :( So I wanted keep my self busy by making an rpg :D I call it "Lands of Evil". I have a little story line up. But if you guys wanna suggest to the story, fill me in. Im also looking for people to help me out in like hero,spell, etc builders. Also...
  9. subzero

    Creative games out there?

    I their any games out there thats online where you can create a character other then heromachine or south park? please, do post them if find any. thx :shades:
  10. subzero

    Your rpg?

    I was thinking about how much I love talking about rpgs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts with my friends. Also talking about ideas for an rpg. So what Im trying to say is,'What would you like to see in an rpg that you havnt seen yet?' For Me: Jobs and Classes Weapon Making.... someone...
  11. subzero

    Sig reqeust

    if its not any trouble, could someone make a sig with squall in it with a blend of ifrit beside him. If no one wants to do it I understand :D
  12. subzero

    Heromachine Fun

    I thought it would be nice to start a thread where people can share the creativity here is the link -->Heromachine Here are my creations:(all are version number two)...
  13. subzero

    Punk-O-Matic fun

    Post your song codes and listen to others songs! Also talk about it 1...