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  1. Zimm

    Anyone know this game?

    It was a (space:confused:) (RTS:confused:) that had 5 races and one of them was like the Borg. Sorry that i cant remember more... Please answer if you know it?:) By the way, my ISP blocked me from TH:banghead: last 3-6 months :mad:
  2. Zimm

    I just cant host. Or can I?

    I' ve tried portforward, blizzards guide, some others. But all I get is this Enable Port screen. And i cant save.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!:mad: :mad:
  3. Zimm

    Legends ORPG.

    Does anyone here know how to get god of darkness/goddess of light? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  4. Zimm

    Question about Firefox

    Is there by any chance an add-on for Firefox to hide the title bar? (i.e The Helper Forums - Post New Thread - Mozilla Firefox)
  5. Zimm


    Does anyone here play Binders? If you do, do you know any good combos? My usual start: Knight+Sea lord and Archer+Sea lord makes a good Naga with vamp aura and 1500 chaos dmg/6000 health then that lord of destruction and master of pain and the succubus (can't remember name)
  6. Zimm

    The throwing game.

    How this game works: You throw things/someone at someone (i.e. I throw a paperball at myself) You can throw anyone / at anyone who has posted in this thread
  7. Zimm

    Couldn't get a better title.

    I have a really nasty headache that gets worse in the light, does anyone here know something to do in the dark? Tried solitaire, its boring.
  8. Zimm

    Looking for the furry guy..

    Does anyone here know whats the sandwich-shaped furry things name?
  9. Zimm


    Dont know if this is the wrong forum,but i've got a xbox microcon controller with a macro button and i dont know what it's for...:confused:
  10. Zimm

    Um... Needing help!

    I accidentally typed in the wrong email:eek: , can it be changed?:confused: