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  1. TrustFactor

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Aqua

    trying something new
  2. TrustFactor

    Radiohead Vertical Sig

    here is the original render..
  3. TrustFactor

    Radiohead Vertical Sig

    no, i found it on a render site
  4. TrustFactor

    Radiohead Vertical Sig

    something new.. Thom Yorke of Radiohead.
  5. TrustFactor

    Lightning Sig

    Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
  6. TrustFactor

    new one in a long time

  7. TrustFactor

    V for Vendetta Sig

  8. TrustFactor

    Girl With Gun Sig

  9. TrustFactor

    Alice in Wonderland Sig

    bump again for critique
  10. TrustFactor

    BumbleBee Sig

  11. TrustFactor

    FMA Ed Sig and Inuyasha Sig

  12. TrustFactor

    Alice in Wonderland Sig

    bump for critique
  13. TrustFactor

    Alice in Wonderland Sig

  14. TrustFactor

    FMA sig

    i do but i blend it in well so you cant see it on the render
  15. TrustFactor

    FMA sig

    haha its okay
  16. TrustFactor

    FMA sig

    it sorta has a border but you can barley see it and your right about the text.. but meh o well
  17. TrustFactor

    FMA sig

    ahem.. i'm a her lol
  18. TrustFactor

    FMA sig

  19. TrustFactor

    First Signature -- Samus

    well the colors look good, a bit to bright for my taste.. but not bad for a first