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  1. Anonymous>1<

    Special Effects On unit?

    Okay, here is the deal. I am trying to make a unit look completely awesome. I was wandering if you all, people of thehelper, had any special effect recommendations to make this unit look good. Also is there a way to make the units eyes glow. Any help is good help.
  2. Anonymous>1<

    Special Effects?

    I was wondering how you attach special effects to the hands of a unit. I tried right+hand and left+hand but that doesn't seem to work. How do you do it?
  3. Anonymous>1<


    What i am trying to do is make it look like a unit is frozen in a ice-block. Right now i am just applying the special effect of Frost Nova to the unit. Which, yes looks okay, but i was wondering if you all had any other suggestions for it.
  4. Anonymous>1<

    Spawn more than one unit?

    Is there a way to spawn a group of units when u buy just one. Like, per say u wanted to buy a squadron of troops. How would u do that?
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    I seem to have a problem, and i was hoping that you all could help. I am trying to uninstall my Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos download. I downloaded it off with cd-key, but now i cant figure out how to uninstall it. Any help os good help.
  6. Anonymous>1<

    Can't open my World Edit

    I seem to be having a problem with my world edit application on my apple macbook. The actual game works perfectly fine, but when i try to open World Edit a warning opens open telling me: Appliccation Launch Failure The application "Warcraft III World Editor" could not be launched because...
  7. Anonymous>1<

    Help with a map

    Alright this is a little confusing. See i am trying to make a landmass that resembles a country. Is there anyway i can post a picture of this country over my map to make it easier to do and more detailed. Any help is good help.
  8. Anonymous>1<

    Looking for someone good with Cinematic

    I need help making a cinematic for the intro of a game i am making. What i am trying to do is make like a boat chase scene. Where two boats are chasing one boat. Then after a sec the one boat shoots the other two boats and they sink. That cant be that hard, right? I just really suck at...