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  1. sentrywiz

    Pro War (Pro Vojna) Talk Section

    Pro War V1.3 Talk Section I dedicate this section to discuss anything about my map, Pro War. Those who don't know what map am I talking about, go here to check it out. D/l, play and feeback Comments welcomed here. Share whatever...
  2. sentrywiz

    Arena Pro vojna v1.3

    Pro Vojna - Pro War V1.3 I've been out of thehelper lately, and because of school. But that didn't stop me from making my private project, public. In any case, I will present my only so far, greatest map of them all. And knowing that most of you are jass-ers and how great are your maps via...
  3. sentrywiz

    [Request] Textures Folder

    I have a request from the community. I am missing the Textures folder from my wc3 and I was wondering can anyone archive it and share it with me, since I cannot do anything that will help me model abilities and units in any sort of way without it. Thanks!
  4. sentrywiz

    Map Crash

    I've made my best map so far, and I am very pleased with it. I continuously work with cleaning the leaks, making it more fun and better, every day. But I can't find why sometimes it just crashes... it happends randomly, almost like 1 in 100 chance per game. Its something I either missed or...
  5. sentrywiz

    Displaying Not-Decimal Values

    I have a passive ability that deals 2% of the attacker's total health and another that deals 4% of the attacked unit's health. Those who play LoL, think madreds and atma's impaler. Anyway - What is the way for those number to not be displayed in decimal values? I don't like to see that I...
  6. sentrywiz

    Map Optimiser

    Intro A week ago I uploaded a map on the server to play with my friends while I was on vacation. However, problems problems... I used Map Optimizer from Vexorian to protect/reduce size of it. Tested it on my host computer home, it worked so I assumed all is good. Apparently, people who have...
  7. sentrywiz

    Don't Download

    Ok, so a short warning to those who see a new project and want to test/try/play it. Going on vacation. And my friends might wanna go to some internet cafe where multiplayer games rule after a night out and play something, like my map. I am using the server as a "storage device" because I...
  8. sentrywiz

    AI Chooses Heroes

    This is simple matter, as I already know you will be fighting who to answer first. However, when it comes to this let me explain it a bit. If those of you who will answer, played Grand Battle (yeah, awesome map) know that the computer players choose heroes one computer each time. That all...
  9. sentrywiz


    I've reached a GUI level where I can say how useful arrays are. Before I didn't even understood how or why can someone use them, being so complex and unnecessary. Now, I just find everything made with them easier. However, I don't know how to destroy arrays. Example: If I create a...
  10. sentrywiz

    Spell The Allmighty Fear

    FEAR! WoW fans, don't drool I haven't started yet. No seriously, its nothing to drool about... NOTE: I have been searching around to see if someone has already made my idea, don't want to double-thread and reinvent the wheel. So far I haven't found anything, and if such thread exists and...
  11. sentrywiz

    MUI/MPI First Person Camera

    I would need a good tutorial on how to make one. Or an already made one to use. I haven't searched members projects yet, but if you have one in mind or you made one, do share. I'll credit you fully, outside and inside of the map I'll use. Thanks!
  12. sentrywiz

    Other Rock Paper Scissors

    Rock-Paper-Scissors This has been a thread in the forums for almost a week, sadly not too many people had comments and suggestions (or just didn't bother) but now you can redeem your puny souls by playing the game. Testing with other players would be better hence I can even test with AI. But...
  13. sentrywiz

    Heres a noob one

    I would like to know... I'm sure this has been answered and I know it myself. But on other hand, I really need my 3 Berserk spells and the problem is they interfere with one another. Having them 3 on one unit is a biggie because you cast one, system gets confused which one to cast they are all...
  14. sentrywiz

    Rock Paper Scissors

    I wanna make this silly map of Rock Paper Scissors. Yea I know sounds really silly, however more skill for me if I can do it. I however have no idea how to make "round start" triggers. Something with pause/unpause units, so there would be the actual rock paper scissors in same time dynamics...
  15. sentrywiz

    Custom Image Over Unit

    I was wondering. Can you "attach" custom images you imported in WC3 on units? Like, imagine a picture you took off google and put it on "overhead" of a footman? Possible? No? Yes?
  16. sentrywiz

    MUI Question

    I have made a spell that I fear won't work in multiplayer circumstances. In other words, I'm not sure its gonna be MUI. I am in the process of learning JASS but I still can't make spells like these yet. So these are the triggs, take a look and tell me if this will work MUI, aka with multiple...
  17. sentrywiz

    Unit is Alive doesn't like more conditions

    I'm doing some fun map and this is one of the item abilities there. It works for the most part, but the part that REALLY needs to work, doesn't. Here is the trigger: Touch of Death Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions ((Casting unit)...
  18. sentrywiz

    My AI is dumb as a fence

    Ok I've edited this thread so that people with great AI knowledge can help me build up my own decent AI. I will put all triggers I used in the making of the AI, state my pros, cons and what can and needs to be done. First of all let me say that: Here are the triggers in GUI: Not sure people...
  19. sentrywiz


    General notice, I've seen these vids before but there was nobody to ask and I didn't knew about thehelper. Now I do, and your responsibility as posters/moderators/lurkers and hopefully not, trolls is to provide me with a damn good answer for this. Just kidding. Anyone know how is this made...
  20. sentrywiz

    Basic AoS/Arena AI Making

    Would anyone care to show me where to find AI Making Tutorials that aren't telling me what AI is :P Ok seriously, I just want to have some AI in a small arena map, doesn't have to be complex AI and stuff, like in Dota. Show me some links and good tuts if you have some.