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    Gates Help

    Solved by Accname, thanks!
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    Well, with the growing amount of RPGs coming, I scratched my Tales of Tolerot RPG Map since it would only be active for about a week or so then die off. After reading a bunch of Cinematic Tutorials and creating little shows, I have decided to take it a step further. Also, with the models I will...
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    Warhammer 40k Models - Anywhere?

    I'm looking for Warhammer 40k Models. I looked on Hive and found a few, but are there any others out there on the web? Any race will do. Anything that looks like it will also do! Thanks!
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    Standing if Regio = Reduce Damage

    How would I make it so that a unit standing in a region has all damage reduced to it?
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    Favorite 2 Warhammer 40k Races?

    This is a poll for my Warhammer 40k skirmish series. Now, I am letting you decide on what to play in the first maps! I am making my first map now and want a poll on what 2 races to add in the Alpha phase. SM = Space Marines O = Orks CM = Chaos Marines E = Eldar EDIT: Alpha Stage...
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    Warhammer 40k - Dawn of War

    With -Tales of Tolerot RPG- in the making, I decided to make my very own side project, Dawn of War. The Warhammer 40k series, which include Dawn of War, Dawn of War: Winter Assault, and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (Dawn of War: Soulstorm will not be included) will be released as a multiplayer...
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    Best Props/Doodads for a Town?

    What are the best props/doodads to put into a Snowy Village. If you can, post an example screenshot, but not required! Thanks!
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    Spell Triggering and Terraining Question

    Spell Triggerering Question - How would I make a spell based on the heroes attribute. Let's say this for example. Devastating Strike The Barbarian strikes his enemy with rage, dealing basedmg+.50str+.10agi. Terraining Question - Anyone have any good Village/Town/City Terraining Tutorials?
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    Everything is mdl instead of mdx

    Something is wrong. Everytime I try to import something, it shows as mdx, but when I go to set the path for the object editor, it shows up as mdl and it only shows the green and black box. I tryed to save/reopen WE, but still it is mdl.
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    Importing Help

    Can anyone import this model into their map? I've imported many models and this one won't show. I have the correct file path, but not it still shows as a green checkered box. I've saved, closed, and reopened WE, but still get the same results. Model Link -...
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    Human Ranger?

    Got a Human Ranger as a class, any suggestion for models for a human ranger?
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    TF2 - Meet the Spy

    Funniest one of them all! Meet the Spy!
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    Tales of Tolerot RPG

    Roden has taken over the project.
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    Terrain Brush Gone!

    I got a problem. When I am setting my tiles with sizes and such with terraining, or even doodads, the brush won't show. Like, when I first did it, there was a green brush that showed what size I had it on. Now it is gone! Any suggesions?
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    Save/Load Advanced =O

    Is there a system anywhere that has a save/load where you can save/load into other maps. Like Rago's ORPG. Say if I save on one map, I want to be able to load onto another map.
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    Healing Spell - Need Help

    I decided to begin spell making. I looked at a tutorial and made my first spell, Holy Orb. Now, what it does is heals everyone for 150 within 400 yard radius. I tested it, works great. My second test, noticed a problem. It also heals enemies! So how would I fix this... I made it so it had a...
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    Need Item Ideas!

    MUST READ BEFORE POSTING I am only looking for BASIC level one items now. No overpowered things. Highest damage for these items = 10DMG. Highest attribute - +10 (STR/AGI/INT). No summonable units. This includes the following: Armor - Cloth/Leather/Ore Type (Copper/Iron/Bronze) Weapon -...
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    Tales of Tolerot RPG Recruitment

    Requested for thread closure! Go To - For Offical Thread
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    Tutorial (Easy)Adding an Attachment

    Welcome to my first tutorial, Adding an Attachment! Difficulty: 2/10 Easy Let's begin right away! What This Tutorial Shows This tutorial shows shows you how to add an attachment to your unit in a step by step process, that is all. Why Would This be Useful This is a great system to...
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    Locked out?

    Ok, so I'm making fights where once they enter the room, a gate closes. How would I make it where if they wipe, the gate opens? Do I have to make a region and do the trigger where no one is in it with the exception of BossA?