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    Recreate the Warcraft 3 "Boundary"

    You'll need to set your unit vision height to 0 (for some units it's set to 1 or 4) Unit - Vision Height 0 This will allow the sight blockers to work. Also if you use Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Players on team 1) to Custom Region (Do adjust the minimap) so long as you...
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    Hidden or invisible Creep

    I've set it so the buildings cant build on cliff In short I followed this:
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    Hidden or invisible Creep

    I want to make Creep hidden or invisible, like a tile or unbuildable terrain however I cant just simple use the no build pathing (Joy). The reason for this is to allow yourself to be able able to build on ramps you have to do some funny stuff that means you need to uncheck the no build...
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    Why is there no Member Projects sub?

    Just because I like to be a fuss pot. Can we have a sub form for member map projects. As resources more implies that it's a area for useful things like tutorials, Libraries and Mods. And when maps get popular we'll loose the resources under a flood of member projects :)
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    Fail to publish map

    This is not going to make you happy. But once this happens your map is corrupt and wont upload. I got this when I made a map before the first patch then after 1.02 it just failed to upload anymore. Really really annoying but all i got form blizzard on the issue was "can you upload a...
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    Tower Effects Follow this (using something like the flame turret as a base) then you will want to change the model. Also you will want to create a duplicate attack of your desired type.
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    Extending the Pathing Layer

    I think he means that he cannot build on ramps and the pathing wont let him. I've got the same problem and I'm yet to find a solution.
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    Tutorial Request - Dependencies

    So there's no way to add it to an existing map?
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    Detecting Water?

    Is there a way to detect terrain tiles? As I don't think it'd be called water, due to the lava and lack of boats.
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    Tutorial Request - Dependencies

    Ok I've looked through alot of threads and I've not seen a clear one that can explain how to add Dependencies to an existing map without: - It destroying units you have created for it; - Not letting you edit or create new units. So a quick request to help us silly sods who can't quite...
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    Problem with nukes

    I'm actually not to sure how to do this but I'm pretty sure the problem is with the nukes. Again this is theroy and I could be completely wrong. However it seems like the nuke your trying to summon doesn't exist. This would only happen if the ability is not linked properly to the...
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    Changing Unit Speed

    There probably is a trigger but the normal solution is to put them on another team allied with you can not your target. Then switch them back each round
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    Ordering Attack Move when ramp is blocked

    All units have a range that they can attack with, I believe you can trigger the AI to check it and then create a temp region or aura and to then attack a random target or closest target within that region/aura.
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    Killing units made by triggers in specified region.

    Note using the above it doesn't check if they are in the region still. Personally I'd suggest you create an array of units created and when they are created add them to the array, this way you can find the counter for the array and kill the last 3 much easier and without using Unit Groups...
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    I thought of that but it might lead to the problem of people all trying to be on the same team. So maybe have a have a option do you want to be on a team with. "Don't care", "Player 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10..." It's a bit more complex but allows friends to play together.
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    Placing units in a lowered terrain.

    This peaks my intrest So you can use the lower levels if you path it right?
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    Most people just use google :P "pi to 100 digits" 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 Alternatively you can just use the formulae for pi if you can find one that suits your needs. However i'd love a library...
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    Ordering Attack Move when ramp is blocked

    I don't know what the command would be but by blocked do you mean units or a doodad? Because if your using a doodad you might want to put it on the hostile team and then they should auto attack it. If you means units then you want to check if the unit is within attack range then if it...
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    White Blobs Under Resource Unit

    Still clueless on this if anyone can help.
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    Make structures move like regular units?

    You have a few options a) give them a mover b) use the model and give it to a unit (much easier) If you copy this tutorial then replace the model with a structures it should act like a marine but look like a structure.