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    Remote MS Visio Install

    I am currently RDP'd into a computer. I am attempting to install MS Visio onto this computer. The installation is throwing back "Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 encountered an error during setup". I have ensured that I am using the correct version of this program and that it is compatible with the...
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    Overheating Isssue (Graphics card)

    Hey, long time no post. I hope everyone's doing well around here. My graphics card has recently decided to begin overheating. It reaches a temperature that makes the card too hot to touch with bare hands. Consequently, my computer locks up and I can play gamez. :( Initially, I thought my...
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    Slight Laptop Increase FPS

    Hey, I'm hoping i can get the real story here. I'm looking to increase the FPS of my stock Presario CQ50 by around 5-15 for the following games; Team Fortress 2, CS:S, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 dead 2. I've read thus far that two things should work. However, i am skeptical. 1. Overclocking, I'm...
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    No Sound

    I just had a friend re-install windows on my computer. Everything is great, cept' i don't have any sound. I don't have any idea how to fix this. EDIT: I assume it has something to do with the drivers being missing or broken. But, I'm not sure how to find what i need to download and/or replace.
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    Orange Stratocaster

    So, im looking to buy myself a new guitar. Specifically, an ORNAGE FENDER STRATOCASTER. Sadly, the internet is barren of orange fender stratocasters. If anyone can post a link to a reasonably prices orange fender stratocaster, + rep and thanks to you. Reasonable = < 1.2k...
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    Vista : Directory

    How do I go about creating a directory and giving it full "read and write" privledges? Thanks muchos.
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    Naruto Dub

    I don't watch this silly cartoon, but damn this was funny. Check the link -- > :D
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    Edit Function?

    Just curiose, why is thier about 3 steps to edit post? Most of the steps seem useless.
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    CoD4 : Can't locate mss32.dll

    On my Windows XP box, CoD4 has, for some unknow reason, ceased functioning. An error message is presented. It reads as follows - This application has failed to start because mss32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem. Now, I can't re-install becuase CD is...
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    OS hunting!

    Well, I'm flat out sick of windows. It crashes a lot (something which was noticeable even in my failure at Ubuntu). I just want somthing different. I dabbled and failed at Ubuntu - Hardy Heron. Is their an Open Source OS's out their somewhere that can possibly give me what I want...
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    Ubuntu: What the crap am I doing incorrectly?

    So, I gave Ubuntu (Hardy) a shot. As far as i can tell, it's uber useless. However, I'm willing to give it a shot so here's my lovely list of problems that really need some answers. Hope some one has Linux skills. 1. Drivers refuse to install. 2. Wireless USB - unrecognized (v2.1 S which...
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    Audio-Surf: Guitar Hero Pales In Comparison!

    Best Rythem Game EVER. Why it's bad-ass to a whole new level: Not only is this the most crazy ryhtem-racing game ever - with online leader boards - but also IT ADAPTS TO ANY SONG you have on your computer. Interested? You should be. Check look: Song - Sand Storm...
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    First google link!?

    When didthis lovely little forum become the first link on google when "The helper" is searched? I know it used to be when "Thehelper" was searched. However, some random website always came first when The helper was googled. I'm just curiose.
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    View before it's illegal.

    Though the following comment's being on a forum board it may cause it to subsequently lose its' sincereity, I mean the following with the most truthfull originality. This changed my life.
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    Nine Inch Nails (NIN)

    I've been a long time fan. Anyone else? I have just been given a copy of the latest CD Ghots I-IV. It's not better than With Teeth or The Downward Spiral, the much more well know and arguably better CD's in Trent Reznor's discorgraphy. However, it has a much different, but not...
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    Mythos, On The Rise?

    Yeah, it's a game. Yeah it's online. Yeah, it looks cool. How cool you ask? Titan quest hunting , SSBM crushing, COD4 owning, Guild Wars killing, cool. In short, this game appears to be all that could be awsome in a game wraped up in a taco with bonus ownage on the side. Not...
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    Incubus - Drive

    Currently trying the learn this song. The tabs are pretty bad. Any help would be appreciated! :)
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    A bit of somthing different.

    I often skim the title page of The Writers' Corner. I look for somthing to read every now and then. However, I am baffled at the mass amount of dark-age/ninja/magic fanstasy work. I will, if you link your work here, Plus rep any one*, for each story that they link here. However, I...
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    I am aware it's a broad topic. However, it's also one I can't seem to escape from. Maybe I'm a nerd or a suffer of paranoia. But, in the spirit of conversation. How do you view aliens? I don't mean to ask you a one dimensional question. Rather than "Yes aliens are real" or No...
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    How to: Del a Directory

    Well, after returning from my fathers, it appears that a good freind of mine has been using my computer. The internet history tells it all... My AVG scanner says their are no threats. However, for my own security i would love to know, How do i completetly toast the following...