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    Spell Request :)

    Hi there guys I need a spell for my map...: -(dunno name yet) -Should do like this: -------------------------------------------------------- Warrior (Grom model) jumps on unit (unit target spell) (should have attached some fire effect (phoenix missile) on his axe) and when it jumps to it's...
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    Streak System Problem... ?

    Hello guys, I'm using some AceHarts streak system and i have some problems... In my map i have 10 players... Red/Green = Computers so every other color is player (like in dota).... System plays a sound, but not good.... because when I make double kill it play other sound and doesn't show any...
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    Wc3 closes by using this?

    I made some item that is this way triggered: -It should give damage back to attacker Trigger: Counter Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions (GDD_DamagedUnit has buff Counter Bones ) Equal to True Actions Unit - Cause GDD_DamagedUnit...
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    Spell damage +%?

    Need help to do this: -When mage have Buff -X- -And if mage casts Spell -X- -How to make this: -Deals 20% more damage with that spell?
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    Duel ??

    Hi everyone, I need something important to be done in my map... It's duel system :D -It should be like this: -It should take all players of team 1 (blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange) and team 2 (pink/gray/light blue/dark green/brown) to 1 place (Duel arena). -When they get moved, they should get...
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    -Kill command??

    Hi guys, i'm posting this to ask u how can i make this: When Blue player say -Kill 50-150 Kill limit will be that number, and when 1 of 2 teams reach that number it will win...? Anyone know how to do this :) ?
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    Lightning Shield ?

    Is there anyway to make Lightning Shield castable on friend and to damage only enemies? :confused::confused:
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    Spell help :D

    Hi everyone... I'm trying to create spell that should do this: When hit someone it will deal 4/8/12/16% of unit being hit max life? How can i do this ?
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    Ketra ORPG

    Ketra ORPG Story Map -320x320 (150x120 currently) -Sunken Ruins Credits Systems -Save Load x -Critical/Dodge/Parry/Selfheal x -Creep Respawn x -Hero Respawn x -Proffesions x -Equipment x -Duel System x -Dungeon System (Boss fights) x -Looting (item drop) x -Spell System x -Damage (floating...
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    System Import :)

    Hello everyone... I need someone who can import this system in my map ... This one :) Will give +rep. Thanks
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    Weapon Type ??? :)

    Hi guys, you can see system that i'm looking for in many ORPG maps.. example "Gaias Retalation"..... -Need: Example: When warrior has 1 weapon he can't get another one. Like weapon has some thing that's blocking a use of another one. ---------------------- In my map it's warrior can use...
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    Boomerang problem ?!?

    Hello everyone, I requested a boomerang spell and it was working good in test map, but not in mine. -In my map it's damaging it on first hit, but won't damage it when turning back. Here are the triggers: Boomerang Var Events Map initialization Conditions Actions...
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    Arena Forsaken Arena

    Forsaken Arena How to play? In order to play this map you need to choose a hero, and then arena type. Get your hero some combo skills. Hero can learn 4 skills max. You shouldn't learn same skill twice, because you won't get it double, you will only lose your gold. If you don't like your skill...
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    Strange Problem ?!?

    When I and my friend play my map, after a 15-20 seconds his computer restarts, he can play other maps (dota...etc..)... But his brother could play my map ... Is it map problem or his computer?
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    Spell help ??!

    Hi everyone i'm trying to make a spell that travels and when hits someone stun/knockback/freeze/poison it and dissapear. Just like Miranas arrow in dota. :confused::confused:
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    JASS problems... need fix

    I need someone to fix JASS Triggers in my map. I will get +rep to anyone who helps. If anyone wants to help i will send him my map.. Thanks !
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    Error..... ?????

    I have a problem with GDD, i was using it and everything was alright for weeks, but now when i save i get this error: How to solve this?
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    Action not working ??!??

    ACTION NOT WORKING- -This is example trigger :P ! afg Events Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Neutral Building - Remove Dummy from Dummy My unit has a spell Sell units ! Need this for quest trigger :P !
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    RPG Greed of Darkness ORPG

    Greed of Darkness ORPG Story Map -Map Size: 276 x 140 (288x288)! -Players Required: 3-4 -Village Tileset -Many custom systems included! Systems -Save/Load System -Camera/Arrow Key Movement -Custom Attribute (Critical-deals double damage based on Dexterity(agillity)), (Selfheal-has chance to...
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    Animation problem?

    Hi, i'm using For my map, and model But...