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  1. hamiltonbb2

    Prevent right-click to follow units?

    I have a map I'm working on where accidentally right-clicking on another player's unit could easily lead to death. Is there a way to prevent being able to right-click on another player's units altogether? I've seen this done, for example, in maps like Run Kitty Run. I'm just not sure how they...
  2. hamiltonbb2

    Disable speech. . .

    Is there a way I can disable chatting for a particular player? example: When Player X dies, I want Player X to go to observer without chat privelages.
  3. hamiltonbb2

    Remove Patrol?

    Is there a way to remove the patrol ability on a hero in order to allow for an extra ability slot? (i.e. remove patrol and allow an extra learned skill such as Wind Walk or Far Sight...etc) That way the hero could potentially learn more variety of abilities? Hope I explained myself well...
  4. hamiltonbb2

    Crime Woman hanged 'devil dog' from tree before burning it after it chewed her Bible

    hehe, religion creates radicals. . . a sad truth
  5. hamiltonbb2

    Leaderboard with 2 Values?

    Does anybody have an working solution?
  6. hamiltonbb2

    Leaderboard with 2 Values?

    I remember a long time ago, I saw a leaderboard (not a multiboard) that contained two values. It was in a sniper paintball map. It looked a little something like this: Red Team -------------Team Kills Player Red -------------Kills - Deaths Player Teal -------------Kills - Deaths Blue...
  7. hamiltonbb2

    Multiboard Icon

    I'm trying to figure out how to change a particular player's icon on my multiboard when he reaches a certain level but I'm a little lost. Anyone know what to do?
  8. hamiltonbb2

    Countdown Timer/Multiboard Problem

    Can anyone tell me why this trigger is causing my multiboard to shut down when i destroy my timer? Actions Countdown Timer - Create a timer window for controltimer with title Game starts in. . . Countdown Timer - Start controltimer as a One-shot timer that will expire in 5.00...
  9. hamiltonbb2

    Multiboard HP % Display Problem

    Can anyone tell me why this isn't updating my hp % every second on the multiboard? Events Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If ((((Owner...
  10. hamiltonbb2

    Minimap Camera Box

    Hi, I'm trying to get something accomplished here and I can't seem to figure it out. So, after about 3-4 hours of searching I have to ask for some assistance. While playing my map I have my minimap solid black and also removed any units from showing up on the minimap. My issue here is that if...
  11. hamiltonbb2

    In-Game Minimap Picture

    tyvm acehart edit: I'm presented with a new problem now. Does anybody know if I can remove the white box on the minimap that shows your current camera position? If not, is there a way I can turn this black to have it blend in with the minimap picture?
  12. hamiltonbb2

    In-Game Minimap Picture

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I can get the preview up but I'm having trouble getting the map to display an image while playing it in-game.
  13. hamiltonbb2

    In-Game Minimap Picture

    Hey, it has been a while since I've been in active in this community/active on WC3 and I can't seem to remember exactly what to do here. I have my picture save in .blp format but I can't remember what I need to change the path to in the import manager to make it show up on the minimap...or am...
  14. hamiltonbb2

    Looking for some help.

    Hey I'm making a map, but I've found myself stuck at a few points here with a few things: -Multiboard (Tried using the tutorials and im still just extremely confused: I need it to record Player Names, Kills, Deaths, and Team Kills and Deaths) -Round Start/End Sequence (I'm having trouble...
  15. hamiltonbb2

    Multboard Issue Here

  16. hamiltonbb2

    Multboard Issue Here

    Hey can anyone tell me why my multiboard is malfunctioning? It isn't recording deaths properly. It counts the deaths but then changes the dying player's name to the number of deaths as well as the category "Player Name" Here are the five triggers: Create Multiboard Events...
  17. hamiltonbb2

    Weather Effect Issues

    turned everything on high...still no rain showing up.
  18. hamiltonbb2

    Weather Effect Issues

    Still not turning on weather in game.
  19. hamiltonbb2

    Weather Effect Issues

    heh the current problem is that i cant even get the weather to turn on.
  20. hamiltonbb2

    Weather Effect Issues

    I'm having trouble even getting my weather to turn on across the entire map. I want to have Ashenvale Rain turn on every 180 seconds and last for 45 seconds each time it is turned on.