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  1. MassiveGuy6

    Item Picking Range?

    How would i set the range for picking items up? because my units will not be moving but the creeps killed drops items so the distance is often too far for the unit to pick it up...thanks
  2. MassiveGuy6

    Item Dropping

    Uhm i need help with triggering dropping items.. so it does this.. when any unit owned by player 12 dies,there will be a 4% chance for dropping an item.this item is then randomed between x amount of items before dropping.this is what i have.. Events Unit - A unit owned by Player 12...
  3. MassiveGuy6

    Autocasting Spells

    Hi.Im trying to make a tower cast spells automatically when an enemy is in range for a td im working on..the tower basically has no damage except for the spell.hopefully possible withouht jass..thanks :thup:
  4. MassiveGuy6

    Max Hero Level?

    As In The Title,how would i set a max level for a hero? thx :thup: