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  1. Sud

    My 2nd WoW movie Enjoy!
  2. Sud

    Sud/Soulcorruptr's WoW Movies Thread

    For those of you who haven't seen them yet, I currently have three movies up at clubbin.avi - new solutions to a growing problem - farmers! Inspired by the great seal clubbers of the north, we club the farmers to reduce their numbers before they overrun the...
  3. Sud

    I'll bite...

    As the official first post, I am curious as to what a Nuon-Dome is. Is it a sports arena? A funny hat? Or perhaps a weird alien technology?
  4. Sud

    Anarchy Online

    As some of you may or may not know, Anarchy Online is running a free deal for their non-expansion content. Basically, no credit card, no trial period, just go at er on the Rubi-Ka servers. If you want to upgrade, then you have to pay, but otherwise, you have a whole game's worth of content to go...
  5. Sud

    Why are people so DUMB?

    To quote an old reference: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" "Don't do that". Why is it people who play custom maps are so stone dead DUMB? In ladder play, people know that you can't kill Dragon Hawks with Grunts, you don't kill Spell Breakers with Destroyers, an Acolyte beats a wisp...
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    You can thank me when you stop laughing
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    Why cheating is a bad idea
  8. Sud

    Conan's Adventures in World of Warcraft
  9. Sud

    Orcs behaving badly
  10. Sud

    TH Reputation Points

    So I was hanging out trying to think of something to do with these TH rep points. I tried going to the local Chuck E. Cheese's and tried trading them in for some video game tokens, but they wouldn't let me! I got so mad, I went straight to the manager (the guy I'd seen in all the TV ads, who was...
  11. Sud

    D2 cow level sounds

    I've been trying to get the Diablo 2 cow level sounds with an MPQ viewer, and for some reason, they appear to have left out the entries that point to the .WAV files in the MPQ. Does anyone know the paths to the cow level sound effects?
  12. Sud

    Quite possibly the most arrogance I've ever seen contained in a single post

    I just had to share this with you guys. It just made my eyes roll into my head. This makes me wish that there was a requirement that you read each post you make aloud before you post it. My take on this? 1. Why would anyone care how much time Icefrog put in the map when Icefrog/Guinsoo didn't...
  13. Sud

    The ultimate CoD replay for Cres

    Probably one of the best games I've gotten thus far in a pub. It shows how to handle Archer (at least as necro). Defining moment was when I laid a bone wall on top of him and it procced a comet, and he freaked out and started doing his ultimate at nothing (and proceeded to die to a flurry of...
  14. Sud

    Biggest map disappointments?

    [Recent] I decided to try out one of those "murder mystery" maps, specifically panda mansion. I went in stoked up in the idea that it was going to be something somewhat thought provoking where players would work together to try and piece together clues as to which one of them was the "killer"...
  15. Sud

    CoD discussion

    Anyone besides me playing CoD? I've been hosting games almost non-stop on USeast as of late in the evenings. If you play, what're your favorite heroe/item builds? I've been playing Architect lately, mainly for his defensive power. Architect can end most pushes with minimal teammate support...
  16. Sud

    I got mes the intarweb on gameboy!

    Checky out what I got me here. A new hiptop2 cellphone, complete with wireless web browsing, AIM/ICQ, email, and the ability to instantly email photos taken with it on the fly. Screen flips out to reveal a fully functional thumb keyboard so you don't have to sit there guessing letters on numbers...
  17. Sud

    Owning dota dorks is funny

    I love it when they get into arguments about backdooring, despite the fact it is an intended part of the game, and over 50 million revisions of dota. Here's a clue tards, if you consider it abusive, have the map creator FIX it.
  18. Sud

    Requesting comments/critiques: CoD Gameplay movie

    Hi guys, was just looking for some feedback on a gameplay movie I made for my map. It's 167mb, but is in WMV format so the file should stream. If you have issues streaming the file, use this to save it to disk...
  19. Sud

    Let's talk about trigger lag

    I have 401 triggers currently that I'm dealing with. I've done a pretty good job thus far optimizing these, but it seems I'm going to need to crunch them around further as trigger lag is starting to set in. And so it comes to be that I want to talk about trigger lag. In particular, the...
  20. Sud

    Ryoko: Suggestion to change link in Tutorial Page

    As my map grows, I have found it necessary to convert the item icons from their .TGA roots to .BLP to save filesize (I've been able to save the greater part of a meg in doing this). On the tutorial site (, you recommend using the...