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  1. GFreak45

    Damage Response Event order

    SOLVED When a unit deals damage, if they have a behavior that has a damage response effect, how is the damage response handled? Effect - Handled->Unit - Any unit takes damage event->Effect - Exhausted? I was wondering so i could create a critical effect pretty simply via 1 simple text trigger...
  2. GFreak45

    Save Map room memory by deleting defaults

    Is it possible to delete all the unit/ability/behavior/effect game data that is in there from the melee game to save on memory a ton? (all the melee game units and behaviors they use etc) I mean, this could save like half the map's size if im correct
  3. GFreak45

    Looking for quality models for spells (not imported)

    Im looking for quite a lot of different models for abilities that I plan on using, but the way the browser works for the models is not that great, so If anyone knows of any models specifically that would be great for any of the following spell types please point it out (a path would be awesome...
  4. GFreak45

    Instant Effect Abilities that don't interrupt current orders

    I was hoping to make an instant cast ability that did not interrupt the current orders which is simply used as the button for a passive ability, but i ran across the issue that you can click the button and cast... nothing, just stop moving and lose current orders. To solve this issue and future...
  5. GFreak45

    Odd Behavior Remove Effect result

    I have a passive aura that applies a stacking buff to nearby units every 2 seconds, but i want to remove these stacks when the unit takes damage, therefore i created a damage response added onto the buff that removes that buff via a behavior removal effect, however, it removes the original...
  6. GFreak45

    Behavior Ability Working, command card not.

    Ok, so i have a passive ability, on hit attack ability dealing damage per second, and im having issues with buttons, first the button was clickable, and would dissapear completely when clicked. Then i changed it to a passive button attached directly to the behavior... it worked perfectly, but...
  7. GFreak45

    disable and enable buttons mid game

    exactly what the title, says, there appears to be no way to enable/disable buttons via the trigger editor unless its just disable ability, and requirements apparently can not be used to show/hide a button, which i thought was a possibility, but apparently wont work. It seems to be that buttons...
  8. GFreak45

    Buff Behavior Persisting through death

    Do they? Pretty simple question. Do buff behaviors persist through a unit's death? If not by default, then is there a way to make this happen without reapplying the buff when they are revived? Im asking this because the custom hero abilities being added to each hero in my custom hero aos map...
  9. GFreak45

    Severe Dissapointment with the Galaxy Editor

    Ok so the data editor is great. However, as I am in the process of creating a library in the trigger editor i run into issues in every direction. Function pointers can not be used at all when code variables were regularly used in Wc3 and this is a C-based language which centers itself around...
  10. GFreak45

    Creating an "On Hit effect"

    Currently trying to create a "WC3 Orb-Like" effect, but im not sure exactly how it would be done... Reload Magazine Ability->Weapon->Effect->Debuff/Damage or Behavior Ability->Buff->On Hit effect->Debuff or whatever else it could be.
  11. GFreak45

    Custom Damage Type?

    Hey, i know in the editor you can create custom minerals, but i wanted to see if it was possible to add custom damage types to a game.
  12. GFreak45

    Unsung Heroes - AOS Custom Hero Map

    Project Name: Unsung Heroes Project description: Custom hero aos map. Most custom hero aos maps have the same issue, no unique heroes, all heroes are just PICK ABILITIES AND SPAM. I plan on correcting this issue. What draws players to DotA and Sotis would be the unique abilities and how they...
  13. GFreak45

    Seperate League of Legends Forum

    This is the poll for a league of legends forum.
  14. GFreak45

    Warwick Guide

    Warwick is another unique hero, which has a lot of life stealing abilities, 1 ability that scales off Ability Power and one that scales off of Attack Power. Most people play Warwick as a physical champion, some play as an AP/AS hybrid champion, but I personally play him as an unkillable tank...
  15. GFreak45

    Vladimir Guide

    Vladimir is a unique champion, rather than mana his abilities use his health. His primary ability, transfusion, has no cost, life steal, and a low cooldown once leveled, making cool down reduction a must have for this sanguine champion. Generally with the right runes Vladimir can attain 40%...
  16. GFreak45

    C++ Tutorial: Classes and Structs

    Uses: Variables and Functions and Variable References and Pointers Classes and Structs: Classes and structs are very powerful tools and are the sole reason for OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Something that I have noticed in my tutoring sessions, is that my students rarely truly realize...
  17. GFreak45

    C++ Tutorial: Variable References and Pointers

    Uses: Variables and Functions and Strings and C-Strings References: A variable reference is another variable of the same type which uses the same place in memory, therefore, editing or using either of the variables uses or modifies the same value for both variables. To create a variable of...
  18. GFreak45

    C++ Tutorial: Strings and C-Strings

    Uses: Getting Started and Functions and Variables Strings: Strings in C++ are an array of 1 byte numbers (characters). As C++ is an object oriented program there is a simple class that handles strings for you. You can access this class by including the string header. The string class manages...
  19. GFreak45

    C++ Tutorial: Commenting and Neatness

    Neatness: Neatness is huge to every programmer, proper indentation and spacing is important for read-ability, and properly named variables is also important to help the reader understand and recognize what exactly is what. Indentation: Every scope ({} symbols), or list of multiple...
  20. GFreak45

    C++ Tutorial: Conditions and Loops

    This tutorial uses: Functions and Variables and Getting Started Conditions: Conditions are essentially a question, with a true or false, yes or no answer. For instance, if the user says yes, then do this, else do something else. Variables/Functions returning a true/false are called booleans...