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  1. Corleone

    Charles-Vincent Alkan

    Charles-Valentin Alkan Any admirers of his music? I discovered this composer only a few months ago, and he almost immediately became my favourite composer ( along with Chopin and Liszt ). Both Jack Gibbons and Marc-André Hamelin are so amazing at portraying his music! Alkan is not as well known...
  2. Corleone

    Opening a .Box file.

    Hello everyone, I have a .box file containing several audio files and I'd like to extract those audio files. However, I can't find any software that would allow me to do so. The only program I found was ThrottleBox Player, made in 1999. This program is obviously no longer compatible with...
  3. Corleone

    List of variable types?

    Corleone's "I need help" thread Hello everyone, I haven't worked in World Editor ( or played Warcraft 3 ) for several years now, but I decided to come back to it and work on a project I always wanted to do. Instead of re-learning how I did things in GUI, I decided to dive straight into JASS...
  4. Corleone

    Respawn trigger not working properly?

    I've finished my spell for the spell contest ages ago, but when I tried to make a trigger that would make the mobs res after 45 seconds, it won't exactly work. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. function Trig_Unit_Death_Type takes nothing returns boolean return...
  5. Corleone

    Keeping a unit within view.

    I'm currently working on a side-scroller map ( camera moves north all the time ) and I want my unit to stay within view. I made a region ( called Playable Area <gen> ) covering most of the panning camera's view and I make it move north all the time. Also made a arrow-key-movement system that...
  6. Corleone

    (Possibly) tricky ability question

    Hey, I've been working on a map for some time and I want my units ( tanks ) to have an ability to fire one bullet. I tried basing it off Carrion Swarm, but then the bullet can move through walls, and doesnt disappear when it hits an enemy. So, since I hardly have any experience with abilities...
  7. Corleone

    Custom model animations won't work?

    Hey, I made a very simple modle of a toy tank, and gave it a "Stand" animation, an "Attack" animation, and a "Death" animation. When I use the 'Dex 0.185 script to convert it to MDL, the animations still show up. But after it's converted to MDX and imported into World Editor, it just wont...
  8. Corleone

    Made a jump ability 'template' in GUI

    I figured it would be fun to make a jump ability using only GUI ( and one custom script ). I wrote a short explenation comment at the trigger section. Please tell me what you think of it :)
  9. Corleone

    Having a problem with (picked unit)

    I'm making a few easter eggs for my Tower Defense map, and here's the code I'm using for it : Event Player - Player 1 ( Red ) types a chat message containing X as an exact match Condition Action Unit Group - Pick every unit in (unit type of X) and do (actions) Unit -...
  10. Corleone

    Need help with a Tower Defense trigger ( Unit movement )

    I was first using a horrible system to move my units to move in my Tower Defense, so I decided to 'upgrade' it to the system that Blizzard uses in the Blizzard Tower Defense. Anyway, one of the main reasons why I did so is because there's a trigger which makes sure that if a unit would happen to...
  11. Corleone

    Need help converting a Gmax file

    I made a very simple Gmax model of a Dimenian ( its an enemy from PSO ) and wanted to convert it from .gmax --> .mdl --> .mdx , however, when I used the script ( called 'DeX 0.185m ) to convert it to the .mdl file it only showed a very, very short code - way too short. I mean.. I got 14kb of...
  12. Corleone

    New problem with an imported model

    I finally managed to make a Warp Pipe for Warcraft 3, so I decided I should see how it looks in game. I made a short cinnematic about it, and suddenly I noticed that the Warp Pipe doesnt appear in the game :(. I can place it and see it in the World Editor though... Any idea what Im doing wrong?
  13. Corleone

    My map keeps crashing

    I was working on my map in WE and after I added a new ability, I wanted to test whether it was working, etc. I get past the intro cinnematic ( which is only 7 seconds or so ) and get to the Hero Arena. When I tried to choose my first hero, the game instantly shut itself down. wtf? I tried it...
  14. Corleone

    Rather simple question about abilities, but I'm a retard :(

    Okay, so I made an ability called Shield Wall that grants the unit +100 armor ( I used the Ice Armor skill to make this one ) but how exactly can I get the unit to cast it ONLY on himself instead of having to pick a target? In other words - how do I make it an auto-buff-yourself ability?