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    The Serpent

    Wrote this for my teacher Ms. Clark. I enjoyed writing it, hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it.
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    Build time values

    Where can I find the build time values for units in the data manager?
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    removed Hey guys, I just released my website for pro Dota replay Commentaries. hijacked link removed Feedback and criticism please! PS: Thanks to Ghan for the best server hosting!
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    Background for a website Hey I was wondering if any one could help create a background for my website so it won't just be plain white. I want the banner to blend into the background and I don't want the background to get in the way of the post so just some...
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    Dota Reconnection

    This is going to change DotA and
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    Patch 1.24d

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    Using 16-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch

    I have at home but I dont know how to use it or what it is for can some one inform me on what this is used for? Edit: I was also...
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    Halo Radar

    I was wondering if some one would make me a image with just the halo radar. One with the yellow dot and one without.
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    How to make an essay appear longer? Post your tricks on how you make your essay appear longer.
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    Online LAN

    How would I go about adding some one to my LAN that is not using my router? Basically how can I connect my friend to my LAN when he's not at my house. I'm trying to achieve playing 1v1 on warcraft 3 LAN.
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    [Graffiti][WIP] Royal Rosa

    Work in progress for my friends birthday. Royal Rosa:
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    How big can you make a trackable?
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    Disabling Taskbar Display

    How do I disable this miniature display of whats minimized on my taskbar on last xp?
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    Home network

    I was wondering how do you set up a home network in which you can transfer things from computer to computer at giga lan speed.
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    The Obama Deception

    The Obama Deception Discuss.
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    I wrote this for my English class and I hope its good. I'm in the 10th grade, hopefully you guys like it. CnC! Peer edit as well. ;) Here's the prologue: The rest of it if you don't want to read it in Microsoft: I do advise you read it on Microsoft because it seems simpler.
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    To die or to live?

    Lets say you were in love with some one and had kids. In the event that one of you have to die who should it be? Would you die for the one you love? Would let the love of your life die? Lets think. If you die than your love would have to live with that pain and sorrow of your death. Now...
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    Young Talent

    Good friend of my wants to pursue singing but she feeling down in the dumps because no one seems to be viewing her channel. Subscribe/comment any thing you guys feel like but lets refrain from negativity. Alright thank you guys.
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    Whats better for a fury warrior? 1. 6AP or 1 stam, 1 agi, 18 armor? 2. 33 armor, 14 crit rating or 1 str, 3 stam, 11 agi
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    Render Request

    I need some one to render this. Just put it on a white background after.