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  1. Arcane

    Nameless Piece

    Thought of it on the ride home, wrote it down immediately when I got back. This bit was written fairly spontaneously, so I myself am not entirely clear on the details. I figured there would be enough time to figure out the little things later and just wrote so as not to break my flow. I'm...
  2. Arcane

    Climate Challenge

    Play Climate Challenge! It's quite fun, but a tad difficult, really makes you appreciate the troubles the government faces.
  3. Arcane


    This is basically a non-channel Starfall - or is supposed to be. I have no idea how to periodically move the dummy unit to the location of the caster, and I guess through that periodically check if the caster is still alive. Halp? function Trig_Star_Light_Star_Bright_GUI_Conditions...
  4. Arcane

    On Modern Day Education

    “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” - Mark Twain How often in your life do you think you’ll need to draw upon your extensive knowledge of the inner workings of quantum physics? Your profound insight into the life and works of Venetian High Renaissance painter...
  5. Arcane

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    An ongoing series by George R. R. Martin and currently my favorite series. Four books have been written out of the predicted seven, A Dance with Dragons is currently being worked on. The ones out by now are: A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords A Feast for Crows The...
  6. Arcane

    Limyaael's Fantasy Rants

    For any aspiring fantasy authors, a list of 405 rants on various topics that might or might not come up during your writing. They're called "rants" but they aren't just rants (most of them), they include a lot of helpful advice, interesting ideas, and questions to answer that you might not have...
  7. Arcane

    Black Sheep, White Sheep

    Inspired by something I read a long time ago. I've already forgotten what it was about, only that it was a bunch of conversations between a black sheep and a white sheep. ++++++++++++++++++++ One day the White Sheep was trotting towards the fence when the Black Sheep spotted him. “Where...
  8. Arcane

    Balloons are evil

    Proof (I realize Uncyclopedia has been posted before, but that was some time ago and I don't really want to perform threadomancy. I'm more referring this this article in particular anyways. I found it while - imagine this - researching something for chemistry.)
  9. Arcane

    Damn birds!

    "You are a statue in a park. You stood here for years and watched birds pooping on you until one day your patience came to its end and you decided to take revenge on these feathered demons. Thank God you are a statue with a gun!" Play: DAMN BIRDS!
  10. Arcane


    Anybody here play Kongai? It's a turn-based card game on Kongregate. There are currently 46 cards in total, and you earn cards by either winning matches or completing the challenges they put up once in a while on other games in the site. You have to register to play, but it's worth it. All...
  11. Arcane


    Play Amorphous! Pretty fun game. My current scores are: Single Nest: 1087 Bounty Run: 339
  12. Arcane

    Invisible Start Locations

    It's more of an irritant than a problem, but you know how start locations are marked by those jagged circles? Well, I can place them fine, and they work fine too, but I can't SEE them after I place them. I have no idea what I might've done to cause this. Help?
  13. Arcane

    Is there something wrong with this...?

    ...or is NewGen screwing up for no reason? function DoAlliance takes nothing returns nothing local integer i=0 local player p loop set p=Player(i) if IsPlayerEnemy(p,Player(0)) then call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(p,Player(14),bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION) call...
  14. Arcane

    Lowering for Water

    Started the map with Deep Water. Cliff height 4 or 5. Plateau-ed it up out of the water. Lowering tool gives water. However... There seems to be some invisible boundaries. In three quarters of the map I can only get that small (and ugly) patch of water. In the top left quarter of the...
  15. Arcane

    Spell Interaction

    Have you ever really looked at abilities are realized that they only synergize at a very basic level? Like, slowing or stunning an enemy. Or maybe, a spell which increases the damage an enemy takes. Pretty much self explanatory stuff. But then look at this: Spell One Deals X damage to...
  16. Arcane

    Attack Damage Detection

    I was just wondering if it is possible to detect how much a unit hits for (without counting armor reduction or anything else), and add attack bonuses based on that number. (And if so how of course.) Edit: Sort of like a triggered critical strike.
  17. Arcane

    Neutral Victim/Extra

    Neutral extra still attacks everybody, and neutral victim still attacks nobody... function NeutralUnally takes nothing returns nothing call SetPlayerAlliance(Player(bj_PLAYER_NEUTRAL_VICTIM), Player(bj_PLAYER_NEUTRAL_EXTRA), ALLIANCE_PASSIVE, false) endfunction function...
  18. Arcane

    Cannot convert integer to alliancetype...?

    call SetPlayerAlliance(Player(bj_PLAYER_NEUTRAL_EXTRA), GetEnumPlayer(), bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION, true) Huh? Oh yeah, and what does the boolean value determine?
  19. Arcane


    How many er... units (?) is one medium sized graph square (press "g" two times) in the World Editor?
  20. Arcane

    Spell Flamethrower

    Yet another attempt at a JASS spell, and yet another initial failure. Things are just so much easier in GUI right now... sigh... Will be converting this to JASS eventually. The Pandaren Brewmaster conjures up a stream of searing hot flames which spread outwards in a cone shape. The flames...