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  1. monoVertex

    Diablo III Party

    Hey guys, Considering the Diablo III forum is no longer present I thought I'd post here. Is anyone here playing D3? I played it for a while, got a 60 level monk and some 10-20-ish paragons, but I never made it to the end game (paragon 100) because I played solo and the loneliness kind of got...
  2. monoVertex

    How to diagnose an SSD?

    Hello guys. I have a desktop configuration with a Kingston SSD as the primary storage drive, on which I have Windows. The SSD has been bought in May 2013, so it's still in warranty although I'm not yet sure what is the problem. Yesterday my computer started freezing up after a random period...
  3. monoVertex

    Origami (dragons, especially)

    So, any of you guys interested in Origami? Show off some of your work! I started doing Origami Dragons lately, more advanced models. I wrote an article about it here.
  4. monoVertex

    Google without Android

    I have recently thought about using my Android smartphone without the GApps network, to reduce CPU and RAM usage, as well as battery drain. I put together a 3-part article describing my process in detail, in case anyone is interested. Part I...
  5. monoVertex

    Winter Graphic Olympics

    Welcome to a new graphics competition, Winter Edition! Since there were quite some people interested in having a graphics contest, I decided to host it and see how much have we progressed since a few years ago and also if we have some new talented people around. To cut the long story short...
  6. monoVertex

    Logo feedback

    So, to join the logo trend, I created a logo for a framework I want to implement and I'd like to see what you guys think about it. Old version: Updated logo: Updated alternate: The second version is for viewing on a different background, it does not represent a part of the actual logo...
  7. monoVertex

    Chris Rock - Kill The Messenger

    Funniest thing ever, I think I watched it about 10 times! It's long, but it's worth it.
  8. monoVertex

    Time lapse map of every nuclear explosion ever on earth

    It is really overwhelming. You can see a short explanation here: And the video:
  9. monoVertex

    [OpenGL] World generation using no textures - only fractals

    This is not a question, I want to share something, but I had no idea where else to post it. So I just found the videos of this guy, who created a real-time world generator which uses only procedural generation, with no resources, except for sounds, which he can't generate, sadly. Check them...
  10. monoVertex

    [OpenGL] Terrain generation in OpenGL

    I have an assignment for college in which I have to generate terrain programatically and display it lighted and also be able to tessellate it. I generated my terrain through Perlin noise and also through the diamond-square algorithm (fractal). During this I encountered some bugs and some of them...
  11. monoVertex

    [Tutorial] Upgrading the Fujitsu Lifebook UH552

    Hy guys! I just bought this laptop and I wanted to replace its HDD and I decided to document my progress. You can view the tutorial here. In case anyone is interested in it and has questions, please ask :).
  12. monoVertex

    [Tutorial][CSS] Spinning Wheel

    I have created an interesting and very fluid effect in CSS3 and I wanted to share it, so I put together a tutorial / demo. You can find it here. This is the finished demo. And here is a GIF displaying the functionality: What do you think about it? I'd also appreciate feedback on the...
  13. monoVertex

    Good Python Host?

    Hello, I am interested in deploying my portfolio website on a Python back-end and I was wondering if any of you had a suggestion for me. I am not looking for something big at start, but it would be nice if they had expansion possibilities. Also, I will most probably make my app Django-based...
  14. monoVertex

    I made a Daft Punk helmet!

    In my third year of college, we had a class where we programmed micro-processors and we had to choose a theme for a project that represented a big part of our final grade. I decided to do a Daft Punk Helmet (Guy Manuel's, more exactly). After a lot of work and spending white nights before the...
  15. monoVertex

    Smith_S9 (monoVertex) - A History

    Hello all! I am monoVertex, formerly known around here as Smith_S9 and I have been a member of this forum since May 2006 (actually earlier than that, but I'll get to that in a moment). That's more than 7 years, which is a lot of time and a lot has happened during this time. My name in real...
  16. monoVertex

    Layout and design improvement

    I'm creating this thread for any design suggestions I might have. First off, a thing that really popped in my eyes, the spoiler button. That glow is definitely too large and it's quite distasteful, in my opinion. It doesn't go with the rest of the theme. Also, I feel there are too many...
  17. monoVertex

    Tainted Rose

    A piece I did a while ago, but I think I did not show it around: You can also find it on deviantART. What do you think?
  18. monoVertex

    Responsive theme

    I suggest you guys to start using a responsive theme. I agree that it's a forum and its content would not really be intended for a handheld device, but a tablet or a small netbook should not suffer because of its small screen - there is plenty of space for a forum text. However, a handheld...
  19. monoVertex

    Markdown post editor?

    I've recently started to fall in love with Markdown's simplicity and I feel it has great potential. A Markdown post processor would be pretty cool, in my opinion, what do you think? For those of you living in a cave.
  20. monoVertex

    Forum width a bit too big?

    I am using a dual monitor setup, with one of the monitors having a 1280 wide resolution. However, the page is slightly larger than 1280, causing the horizontal scroll bar to appear. I find that width to be a bit big. I found these statistics on the Internet and as you can see, about a third of...