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    yo yo yo how goes?

    yo yo yo how goes?
  2. Syndrome

    My Life

    That's something that is very easily said but extremely hard to do. Especially in Varine's situation. He's got no friends, no family, and constantly is under stereotype threat. It's so hard to put yourself into doing something if no one is there to support you. Worse is if people think you're...
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    Very nicely written. It's really tragic. I'll go into more detail later, but just letting you know I enjoyed it. It's really gritty; something I want to learn how to do.
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    Seth Cross Rant/Storytime - Seth the Cyber Bully

    I don't know whether I want to cry or laugh.
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    AceHart - 4 Years Gone

    If you guys want to play with us, just add me. ID: divergentEntity.
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    Writing battle scenes

    You have an example?
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    I need good games!

    Holy four year necro
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    The Feel Happy Thread!

    Introducing, the best game ever invented.
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  10. Syndrome

    My Upcoming Conscription Service.

    Israel is the only country I know of with female conscriptions. My friend was stuck in the military for a while, but she got very good recommendations to every university ever, so it isn't a bad trade-off. I wish you the best of luck tom-mai!
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    What do YOU do when you're bored?

    Have you tried picking up books to read for fun? Works wonders for me.
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    AceHart - 4 Years Gone

    He plays DotA 2 nowadays. With Whitesock sometimes too.
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    The Adventures of Auro and Tobi

    LOL is that the animation you were talking about earlier? The last 20 seconds was beautiful.
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    World (GORE) China Menaced by Elevator; Beheads Woman Riding it

    I thought that too lol. It was also too damn crowded to move an inch in there. Man, what a way to go.
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    Making my own game, here's my progress!

    Erm. I got an e-mail from Square Enix yesterday saying they really wouldn't like it if I kept using their images. Damn. HOWEVER. I do have friends. Many of them can use a pencil. A few of them can even draw! So as it stands, I'm roughly 50% happy with my game so far. In another month I...
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    Making my own game, here's my progress!

    @ Varine: Nah, it's pretty standard. I will consider doing it, but the AI is already extremely efficient at kicking my face in. Maybe I should tone it down a bit... I dunno. I'll think about it. Small update: I'm travelling at the moment since I finished my exams, so the screenshots and AI...
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    Making my own game, here's my progress!

    Well, the AI in boss fights starts off knowing what you tend to do and which monster in your team does what from all of the previous fights. Its like playing chess with someone a bunch of times, the person will eventually know what you tend to do and develop counter strategies for it. In...
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    I'm now an officially mad man.

    Tom_mai, if you're dead set on trying to get some creativity done you could try listening to music and imagine scenes to them. That's what I do whenever I hit writer's block or any other kind of block. My tastes in music are questionable at best, but maybe it might help you...
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    Making my own game, here's my progress!

    Finished Fusion and Forging concepts/code/whatever. Implemented it in OpenGL, begun refactoring the code for the entire project and updated the AI. The reactionary AI, as it stands, will do all of these: Try to calculate the min/max damage it can do and take into consideration how much it...
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    Buying Item, Give units.

    Should be 'owner of triggering unit', but other than that we have absolutely nothing to work with here. You have to upload your map or copy your triggers in here because no one really knows what you need help with lol.