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  1. monoVertex

    Hey! Nothing much, just lurking around here from time to time. How about you? Man, like a few...

    Hey! Nothing much, just lurking around here from time to time. How about you? Man, like a few weeks before you commented here I wrote in my travel todo list to ping you if I ever get to visit your country, haha. If you want, PM me an e-mail address or some way to contact you :)
  2. monoVertex

    No negative reputation anymore :'(

    No negative reputation anymore :'(
  3. monoVertex

    Going to Comicpalooza this Sunday?

    Hope you have a great time, TH! :D
  4. monoVertex

    Help choosing a SQL database

    I also suggest going for MySQL. Oracle and MSSQL will just be hard to setup and overkill, in my opinion, for what seems like a pretty small database. As for GUI software for accessing MySQL, I recommend HeidiSQL, it's what I use. These being said, you could also use SQLite, which is a very...
  5. monoVertex

    Steam Summer Sale

    I got Portal 1 and 2, Bioshock 1 and 2, World of Goo and all the Serious Sam games :D. All of them for like 20-something dollars. Awesome.
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    Help Please, Computer Issues

    I agree with you, the power supply seems quite underpowered for the components you have. I doubt you can do anything else other than replacing it, sorry.
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    "New" TH design template - why?

    Umm, do you browse the Internet on a billboard? I have a 24" full hd monitor and I just have to move my eye balls, not the entire head. Besides, for the new posts things you can look at the icon besides the thread name. I think it's better if we go fluid.
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    Hello, alakimibid and welcome to the TH forums! The constructor method (Dot()) should not return anything. Remove the "void" keyword. This is because constructors return the instance of the Object itself and that's fixed. It means it can't return "void" or anything else, the return value is...
  9. monoVertex

    The Helper map, part 2

    Hmm... I think I do have a folder with lots of my projects from that era. My desktop is currently in service due to a faulty graphics card and I can't get into that HDD, but as soon as I get it back, I'll see if I still have anything. However, here are some screenshots of my terraining...
  10. monoVertex

    Need a little bit of help building a new PC

    I don't know if he really wants 1080p, considering he said he is willing to sacrifice video quality for recording possibilities. After all, the more resolution, the more performance you need on your video card.
  11. monoVertex

    Can Not Start Windows Normally

    I think important Windows files are corrupted or your HDD is damaged. What are you describing could be caused by faulty RAM, but in my experience a fresh install of Windows almost always fixes the issue.
  12. monoVertex

    The Helper map, part 2

    @FireCat: it was a project that was supposed to resemble the TH forum, a WC3 map. I don't really remember if it was some kind of RPG or something else entirely, though. I was in charge for the terraining for a while, but the whole thing was really childish and it never got to a playable state.
  13. monoVertex

    [Tutorial] Upgrading the Fujitsu Lifebook UH552

    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the UEFI thing that new Windows laptops seem to have turned on. In my opinion, the recovery partitions are pretty much useless. If you have a Windows nstallation disc or USB stick ready, you can also use the repair process with those, instead of the recovery...
  14. monoVertex

    The Helper map, part 2

    Lawl guys, let's totally do a TH SCII map!!!!!!1!
  15. monoVertex or

    It also depends on where exactly are you pointing those URLs to. For example, my blog is hosted on Tumblr, but I have a hosting provider as well, on which I host my portfolio and various other projects. However, I cannot assign to the Tumblr blog, so I'm left only with...
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    [Tutorial] Upgrading the Fujitsu Lifebook UH552

    Hello axlwinter and welcome to the forums! I currently do not run dual boot, because I did so in the past and I found it really cumbersome. I mainly use Linux for some of my development work, and I found it easier to run it in virtual machines, depending on the dev environment I...
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    Russian Police Choir VS Daft Punk - Get Lucky

    I totally did not expect to see this from Russia xD.
  18. monoVertex

    Getting Back to making Maps. Thanks for your help. 2014

    Is it possible to put a delay in the resurrection spell? (Tauren's hero, ankh of resurrection, etc) If yes, then just give that spell with delay, no mana cost and no cooldown to the wolf.
  19. monoVertex

    World Heavily tattooed British man denied passport, because of his name

    [/troll] I think this entire thing is stupid. The officials for refusing to follow a set of rules their own kind created and he is stupid for doing this "attention whore" thing (it's obviously that) and now acting all butthurt because of it. This kind of stuff only deserves ridicule.
  20. monoVertex

    Desktop power-up issues

    s3rius, if you do have a large graphics card and integrated graphics alongside that, care to try with the graphics card removed if your desktop works? Actually, you would see if your computer power ups at all, so I think you can remove the card even without integrated graphics. Same goes for...