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  1. phyrex1an

    Sci/Tech He’s no rat, he’s my brother

    Calling someone a rat should no longer be considered an insult. The often maligned rodents go out of their way to liberate a trapped friend, a gregarious display that’s driven by empathy, researchers conclude in the Dec. 9 Science. “As humans, we tend sometimes to have this feeling that there’s...
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    Sci/Tech NASA's Kepler Mission Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star

    NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the "habitable zone," the region where liquid water could exist on a planet’s surface. Kepler also has discovered more than 1,000 new planet candidates, nearly doubling its previously known count. Ten of these candidates are near-Earth-size...
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    Sci/Tech The Discovery of Dolphin Language

    Researchers in the United States and Great Britain have made a significant breakthrough in deciphering dolphin language in which a series of eight objects have been sonically identified by dolphins. Team leader, Jack Kassewitz of, ‘spoke’ to dolphins with the dolphin’s own sound...
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    The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space?
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    Sci/Tech 'Brinicle' ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic A bizarre underwater "icicle of death" has been filmed by a BBC crew. With timelapse cameras, specialists recorded salt water being excluded from...
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    Sci/Tech Cold Fusion: Future of physics or phoney?

    Today is set to be the start of a new era of cheap power, as a new type of low-cost nuclear reactor goes live in front of an audience of scientists and media representatives in Bologna. Once the mystery customer who commissioned the device has confirmed that it really is producing one megawatt...
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    The Most Important Video You'll Ever See

    Playlist here:
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    Sci/Tech Have we discovered evidence for life on Titan? (Answer: No, but still interesting)

    Note: This article is over a year old. =========== Recent results from the Cassini mission suggest that hydrogen and acetylene are depleted at the surface of Titan. Both results are still preliminary and the hydrogen loss in particular is the result of a computer calculation, and not a direct...
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    Sci/Tech Robot: I Now Have Common Sense. Engineer: Great, Go Fetch Me a Sandwich!

    Willow Garage’s gifted PR2 robot just got even smarter. Developers from the University of Tokyo and the Technical University of Munchen have collaborated to give it the ability to find an object it can’t see or isn’t even sure is there. In a way similar to humans, the PR2 can now go after an...
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    Richard Feynman - The Character of Physical Law - Part 6 Probability and Uncertainty

    Richard Feynman - The Character of Physical Law - Part 6 Probability and Uncertainty
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    Sci/Tech In the Blink of Bird’s Eye, a Model for Quantum Navigation

    European robins may maintain quantum entanglement in their eyes a full 20 microseconds longer than the best laboratory systems, say physicists investigating how birds may use quantum effects to “see” Earth’s magnetic field. Quantum entanglement is a state where electrons are spatially...
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    General IBM's Watson supercomputer destroys all humans in Jeopardy practice round (video!)

    So, in February IBM's Watson will be in an official Jeopardy tournament-style competition with titans of trivia Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. That competition will be taped starting tomorrow, but hopefully we'll get to know if a computer really can take down the greatest Jeopardy players of all...
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    The Simple Truth Found it a really interesting story about the semantics of logical systems (and some more stuff). Perhaps there is a mathematician or computer scientist here that also finds it amusing. Actually anyone who is a capable to read a few pages of text...
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    Why no LAN sucks.

    The mlg final just got its first regame due to player disconnects. The preliminary reason given was bnet instability (eg, bad connection to the internet). This is why you want LAN functionality.
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    Sci/Tech Cars that drive themselves 'on motorways in 10 years'

    Researchers from Berlin's Free University said self-driven cars could be used in controlled environments such as airports as soon as 2016. They said that removing the steering wheel from in front of unpredictable humans would cut accidents and help the environment. Professor Raul Rojas, who...
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    Sci/Tech US studying Australian Internet security program

    WASHINGTON – The government is reviewing an Australian program that will allow Internet service providers to alert customers if their computers are taken over by hackers and could limit online access if people don't fix the problem. Obama administration officials have met with industry...
  17. phyrex1an Icons of the Web

    Saw this on reddit earlier and figured since th is included you might find it cool :P And to save you the trouble here is thehelper:
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    Sci/Tech Dangerous Bacterium Hosts Genetic Remnant of Life's Distant Past

    Within a dangerous stomach bacterium, Yale University researchers have discovered an ancient but functioning genetic remnant from a time before DNA existed, they report in the August 13 issue of the journal Science. To the surprise of researchers, this RNA complex seems to play a critical...
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    Patch 11

    To long to post here -_-
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    Bnet broken...

    Bnet is pretty much broken for me and my friends right now, so instead of playing I take screenshots of the bugs. Got some other more or less funny bugs that are hard to capture on screenshot, like being ranked in two leagues at the same time or having completely different stats between two...