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  1. jonas

    AoS Island Wars

    I got sick a little less than two weeks ago, and the new patch inspired me to start working on a map. I didn't expect it to take this long, but most of it was creating the terrain. It's 100% playable but I think there's still a lot of small things to improve on, for example some areas of the...
  2. jonas

    Reversing a singly linked list

    rec_reverse(last_of_rev,to_rev) = if to_rev != nil: next_rev =; = last_of_rev; rec_reverse(to_rev,next_rev) reverse(to_rev) = rec_reverse(nil, to_rev) reversed list list to be reversed (|<-()<-...<-() , []->()->...->()->|) after one recurisve step becomes...
  3. jonas

    BSOD, now windows 7 refuses to boot

    Out of the blue (no pun intended) BSOD with message "memory_management". Since then, windows doesn't boot in normal mode. Safe mode works fine. Virus scanner found nothing bad. My event log says that the performance of my processors (intel i5 mobile) have been limited shortly before the BSOD...
  4. jonas

    Implementing a Pain-Free, Type Safe Event Engine

    Task: Implement the Warcraft 3 event engine in C# or Java in a type safe, cohesive way, with low coupling Problem: Different events have different data, so you need a way to distinguish between different events, handlers for different events, etc. Slang: interface IEvent (all events are...
  5. jonas

    Allow Local Files for Mac

    Windows machines have the option to set a registry key and then Warcraft 3 is willing to execute JASS files from disk. Is there something equivalent in Mac that makes Warcraft 3 willing to execute such files?