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  1. Exuro.

    Get my aura to show on Buildings?

    Hey as title says... I have made a regeneration tower, which has the Life Regeneration Aura I then want the aura to show up on my buildings.. how do i do that? That building status display is on already. Dunno about attachments, tried a fair few with no luck. The building is...
  2. Exuro.

    Need help making pathing tga

    Hey Well its very simple. I need this one: Changed to Magenta @ (255, 0, 255) I would do this myself but my TGA editor cant save the files right so they work, it corrupts them. so please someone do it for me. +Rep will be given
  3. Exuro.

    2 Questions. Make pause on orc builders between building? and Shift+Build?

    Yet again another build question So im close to fixing my big anoying problem.. its been made smaller atleast hehe So i have a snippet which detects something when a unit is done with a construction (wont go into details here as it doesnt matter). but when a player is shift + placing...
  4. Exuro.

    Make Unit go trough everything except Doodads

    Hey ive now had this running for a long time in the normal helper section, and we have absolutly found out of nothing :D I need my peasant to be able to go trough every building, but not Doodads.. Things that dont work: Flying aint an option Aura´s on towers turning collision off...
  5. Exuro.

    Peasant walk trough buildings and no one els.

    As title says.. I want my peasants to walk trough buildings but not any other units.. How do i do that? OR is it possible to put the Circle of Power pathing on my buildings and only have the peasant allowed to walk trough it?
  6. Exuro.

    Can a worker stand inside a building he´s building?

    As title says.. Is there a way to make the builder stand inside the building which he is constructing? Reason is because i dont want him to get pushed away to nearest pathable area if i place a building ontop of him. so can i make him stand inside the building? Or can i make units...
  7. Exuro.

    Detect Units @ Left/Right/Above/Below

    Hello again young helpers.. :D As some off you may know i made a snippet to avoid peasants to trough gaps and such.. anyway i got a new idea to improve it.. so my question is: Is there a way to detect if there´s a unit present at each side of the "building" unit? like: Event...
  8. Exuro.

    Possible to make Fire Ball Instant?

    mjello again Im trying to make the Fire Ball Ability Instant... i only changed a few values.. like 0.1 sec cooldown and dmg and such etc. What i want is to make it as close to instant as possible.. so you can like fire super fast without having to wait for that fireball.. I dont...
  9. Exuro.

    Event: Selecting a Destructible?

    Hey Im trying to find out if i can make a trigger like this: Event: Player x selects a destructible Condition: Destructible type equal to xxx Action: Kill selected destructible That possible someway?
  10. Exuro.

    Unit Selection Size to big...

    Hey I have this hero whic have a wierd big selection size.. its almost impossible to select something next to him or slightly behind him.. The unit scaling value is only 1.30, but setting that to 1.00 didnt fix it.. i can select the hero by clicking 2-3 times the width of the model away...
  11. Exuro.

    Defense Desert Survivor [Vampirism Alike But...]

    Desert Survivor Current Version: v0.711 Beta Download: Creators: Exuro. Beta-Testers: Battlegods2 Leazy Thanks To: AceHart OneBadPsycho Ryuu LightChaosma Kelvin87 Choppa Models From: HappyTauran Donut3.5 OneBadPsycho Systems/Snippets: Avoid Peons Getting Trough...
  12. Exuro.

    Destructible Death animation

  13. Exuro.

    Searching for Model (Crate/Box etc.)

    As title says... Im in need of a Crate or box looking thing for a doodad.. only requirement is that its small as possible without looking like shit.. doesnt rly matter what texture it has just not something PINK/NEON-GREEN or (WHITE/BLACK) etc.. anyway tried looking different placed and...
  14. Exuro.

    Snippet Avoid Peons to get Diagonal pushed trough Doodad/Unit gabs

    Hello I was in the making of creating a map where the players could design/make their own base terrain look and being creative. In the making of that a problem came: If the terrain looked like this: Then the peasant is able to get trough the "Gab" by doing this: This...
  15. Exuro.

    Set amount of decimals on Percent Life

    As title says.. currently it shows percent like this: 94.034% i want 94% is this possible?
  16. Exuro.

    Crazy Multiboard idea.. :D

    Hey Well i made this multiboard as i want a neat feature on it. What i want it to do is showing % Life of a player owned hero like a green bar. My multiboard looks like this: The bar is made by: Multiboard - Set the text for MultiBoard item in column 3, row 2 to (|CFF20C000 +...
  17. Exuro.

    Problems when unit gets moved while starting construction of building

    As title says: I have a map where tree´s may be placed like this: When a peasant constructs a building on top of himself. then he gets moved to the nearest available pathing(no things in the way) but that sometimes means trough doodads like tree´s, so he cant actually go out again...
  18. Exuro.

    Change color of player names in lobby?

    Hey I just got the idea that i would tweak my lobby room a bit! How do i make: Player 1 name appear red player 2 name appear blue and so on... P.S If anyone got some nice idea to make the lobby look nice, please tell.
  19. Exuro.

    Minimap in lobby crashes game

    Hey the minimap i have set to show in the lobby causes my game to crash! i set it all as the tutorial i read said: Path: war3mapPreview.tga Size: 128x128 and as soon as i select the map, my warcraft crashed with the normal memory error or whatever it is.. what can be causing this?
  20. Exuro.

    Shared vision and player changing team problem

    Hello Im currently making a vampirism alike map, but i encountered a problem with the shared vision. All the Survivors(builders) share vision. All Slayers(Vamp) share vision. When a slayer kills a builder, then the builder turns into a mini demon and joins the slayers. BUT... the...