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  1. Steve

    Untitled Project (brainstorm with me!)

    After a several year hiatus im looking to occupy my time with a new map idea. After several days of bouncing things around in my head, I have a somewhat solid idea of what I want the map to be. Im tired of seeing only DOTA games and few foot games in the pool and I feel bringing a nice team...
  2. Steve

    Looking to make a Domination type map...

    Ive been out of the map making business for a while now and I have a lot of thoughts rolling around upstairs that I would like to turn into hopefully a nice map. Keep in mind im not looking for this to be the next DOTA or anything like that, hell I make maps for fun thats it. Basic premise is as...
  3. Steve

    My computer just "died"

    I went to power on my computer in the morning and it turned on but the screen was black. I know its not the power supply, I was thinking motherboard or graphics card any ideas?
  4. Steve

    I need a map idea...

    I want it to be based heavily on heroes and items however completely different from Dota and hero arenas, one because Dota can never be matched and two because almost all arenas suck. I need original ideas, some creeps involved wouldnt be to bad either. Thanks.
  5. Steve

    Trigger Request

    Ok so I basicly need a trigger that will allow the user to select a tower from a merchant and then upon them selecting it the builder then needs to be able to build it in his build menu. Think of it like hero arena but with buildings instead of abilities. I could never figure out how they did...
  6. Steve

    Give me tower ideas!

    I just recently came back to warcraft and I have a TD that was on the backburner but now I want to really get back into it. Right now there are 5 races Fire, Ice, Earth, Chaos and Holy. Fire and Ice are done but I need some ideas for the other 3. There are a total of 7 towers per race. Please...
  7. Steve

    TD Spawn Trigger Issue

    I have 4 spawn points in my map and for some reason there is an extra group of creeps that spawns in the corner of the map. I have no idea why seeing how there is no region over there nor did I make a trigger to spawn them there. When I get home ill post the map and if someone could look at it...
  8. Steve

    Stopping units from "lagging"

    in my td i want 30 units to spawn from 8 spawn points, however when this happens the units stop and go every few seconds, often times getting into small groups and not waves of guys. Just wondering how to fix or at least make it a bit better.
  9. Steve

    In a td how do I prevent this...

    from one lane attacking another that is in range. In my td the lanes are close together and I have no room to space them out, LOS blockers dont seem to work here. Any other ideas? thanks in advance.
  10. Steve

    Just need a few more ideas...

    Ok because of the options you all are putting up there I have opened this up to any of my five races(Fire, Ice, Earth, Chaos, Light) A lot of people here are creative and smart I think we can get something going. Try to follow this template the best possible(if you cant think of the field just...
  11. Steve

    Just a quick trigger please

    I need a trigger that will do the following: Allow the purchase of an item that will then add it to the purchasing units build list. Lets say I want to buy a scout tower, I would click on the icon from the shop that represents the tower and I would then be able to build it from a villager...
  12. Steve

    Microphone Problem

    When I got my new computer my mic does not seem to work with counter strike source. I use it like i always have, plug it into my speaker and play with it, but this time nothing happens. I went into my speaker settings and then went to recording and maxed the volume for all of them. Now it works...
  13. Steve

    Hero stat exchange

    Ok so in this map im making with a friend you start with an egg that hatches after 3 minutes and spawns a creature from a unit group. In the 3 minutes you can boost the stats of the egg with tomes and or items. The problem we have is transefering the stat gains to the unit that gets spawned...
  14. Steve

    Item Fusing

    Could someone give me a sample trigger on how to go about fusing two items together to make another item, at say a building. Thanks!
  15. Steve

    Evolution Type Game

    Not sure how im going to work this one out but here is the idea. You have a chemist who needs to find nutrients and other materials to make an animal. Depending on what you give him, 6 items in total, you will end up with a pet, with varying damage, health, ect. To me it sounds like it will be...
  16. Steve

    Making A Tactics Map

    I'm thinking of making a tactics based map with several terrain advantages, along with key units that are valubale yet fragile. The general and officers enhace attack and defence, with upgrades to add new abilities and strategies. This will not be close to the game medeival tatics in the way...
  17. Steve

    Reducing Unit "Lag"

    Not sure how to word the title, but when there are a ton of units on the screen they seem to move very choppy. They take a few steps and stop, take another few and stop again ect. ect. Im thinking the pathing has something to do with it, but im not sure.
  18. Steve

    Map Loading Problem

    When I try to load some maps they usually work, although there is that time when they just get suck at the waiting for other players screen when my internet is still working. Any tips on whats happening here? thanks!
  19. Steve

    Cool Cliff Mini Tutorial

    Just a little something I stumbled upon on how to make large cliffs. <>First take the raise tool and select the largest circle. <>Next make a very large hill in one spot, move the mouse around quickly in the same square several times over to get a large hill. <>Then smooth out you...
  20. Steve

    Trigger Request

    This may be able to be done as an ability but I think it will need triggers. I need an ability that is a toggle invisibility. Also I need an upgrade that will allow my units to attack while in invisibility and can only be seen by reveal or some other detection ability. Thanks in advance