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    i need help how do i make a shipyard that sells many ships (human ships) thanks
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    can i make a region that commands only one player for example everything in this region4 attack move to region5
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    i got 2 partner lever for each 1 gate 1 is for open and the other one is for close when the 1 lever dies(for example i opened the gate) its partner lever resurrects so thats why i can both close and open the gate anytime i want to but the problem is how do i make these lever useless when the...
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    hey guys can you help me with my problem whenever i switch a lever to open my 1st gate the game hangs up and closes wtf is this is it because i use to many trigger??
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    hello i got i problem about gates i got 1 iron gate for the commercial part of my city and 1 city entrance for the residencial part of my city i also created a spawning region and another region for their destination which is located in the center of my city (yes, i used attack move to...