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    Help with multiboards and more needed

    I'm trying to make a multiboard that includes a kill count and the level of their hero (their only unit). The column marked Hero Level starts at 0, and it should be 1. Another problem is that the max value is 1. EDIT: Deleted the first triggers to shorten the post. I set the hero_levels...
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    I am making a Tower Defense. About the only part left, is the waypoints. Someone told me I could do a region comparision, so that they should move to the region they are in +1. I have already put all regions in arrays. Can someone help me out with this one?
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    Variables and triggers

    Hey, I am making a Tower Defense, and I need to find a condition. How do I make this trigger? set ingameplayers= (all players matching (((matching player)slot status) equal to is playing) and (((matching player)controller) equal to user))) It's the and condition I cannot find.
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    TD Divide Tower Defense

    Hello, I was recently trying to make a TD map, but I found no tutorials. Then I found this place, and a great tut. So I started working on the structure of the map, but as I have never made a wc3 map before, I am completely blank. So I wonder if anyone at these forums can help me...