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  1. Sirroelivan

    Errors with Disabling Tech for a player

    I do believe they must have been added by the "Neutral Building - Add unit type from market place" in order for this function to work. So best to just completely add the sold units to the shop via triggers.
  2. Sirroelivan

    If Blocked then attacks

    Did you try just giving the creeps a move order? To my understanding, they auto-attack if they can't reach their target. All you have to do then is reorder them to move to the point in question when they attack. (If you're using multiple waypoints, it's handy to use the units custom value to...
  3. Sirroelivan

    Items Ownership HELP!!!

    I'm fairly certain you can. If not, you can always use the health value of the item.
  4. Sirroelivan

    Integer and Multiple Condition Issue

    Let's say you have 20 PuntosArania and 5 PuntosTroll, the first "if,then, else" is false then. (since you don't have less then or equal to 14 PuntosArania) The trigger jumps to the else part of this bit then. There it meets another "if, then, else". Again, it doesn't meet the conditions...
  5. Sirroelivan

    Help Creating Custom Spells for Hero

    Hmm, maybe use dummy researches? Like something named "Requires Brilliance Aura", add it as a requirement to the ability related to Brilliance Aura. And just set the research level for that player to 0 or 1 to disable / enable the ability.
  6. Sirroelivan

    Grenade Knockback?

    There is a boolean condition that checks for various types of pathability. (Environment - Terrain pathing is off) To check if a certain point is not walkable, use this for example: (Terrain pathing at Point of type Walkability is off) Equal to True Basically, a certain type of...
  7. Sirroelivan

    Replace unit after 5 kills...

    What you just do is use the unit's custom value for tracking the number of kills. (That is, if you're not using custom value for something else yet.)
  8. Sirroelivan

    simple boss

    Unit - YourUnit's life becomes Less than X You can use the "Life" event to check when a unit's life becomes a certain value. On making a unit immune to stuns, don't think this can be done with an ability. You'll have to trigger the stun parts of spells separately from the rest. (And then...
  9. Sirroelivan

    Item Removal

    There should be both an action specific to a single shop and one that affects all shops under "Neutral Building".
  10. Sirroelivan

    Item Removal

    I honestly have no idea; don't think I've ever used local player at all. So, sorry, but can't help you. Shouldn't matter. Do make sure your shop has the "Sell Items" ability.
  11. Sirroelivan

    ability that changes ranged unit to melee?

    Why don't you just give the Melee Form a higher base damage?
  12. Sirroelivan

    Item Removal

    Ah, there's an action under "Neutral Building" for this: Neutral Building - Remove YourItemType from YourUnit The problem with it is, that you can only remove items that have been added by the following trigger action: Neutral Building - Add YourItemType to YourUnit with X in stock...
  13. Sirroelivan

    Line up for the greatest question in this forum

    Ah, didn't know about that. Well, just use something like this then: Creep Spawn Events Time - Creep_Timer expires Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
  14. Sirroelivan

    Line up for the greatest question in this forum

    Use a For loop: Creep Spawn Events Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to Nb_Of_Spawns, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit - Create 1 Spawn for Player 1 (Red) at Spawn_Point facing Default building facing degrees...
  15. Sirroelivan

    Line up for the greatest question in this forum

    Do you mean for a TD? If so, just spawn them with a short wait between each spawn.
  16. Sirroelivan

    Leveing Towers

    Something like this. Just make a non-hero copy of you're tower. This is the one you actually add to your builder. Hero Tower Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Hero Tower (Dummy) Actions...
  17. Sirroelivan

    Leveing Towers

    You could always just use a dummy tower for the hero tower and then just replace it via trigger with the actual Hero tower.
  18. Sirroelivan

    "Dead" Units

    So, working on a new map. I have a unit which has a "Play Dead" ability. I'm using a modified Bear Form to switch between both forms. Now, my actual question is, how can I give a unit the undecayed corpse of a model as its model? Edit: Solved.
  19. Sirroelivan


    "Scenario - Player Properties", allows you to setup players. "Scenario - Force Properties", mark "use custom forces" and "enforce player properties" to make player settings locked.
  20. Sirroelivan

    Headshot trigger?

    You could use a trigger to add new events to the Headshot trigger. One to add all initial units and one to add every new unit that enters the map. (Don't know if there's a limit on the number of events a certain trigger can have though.) Init Events Map initialization...