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  1. ButcherBunny

    How 2 Micro?

    actually the micro in the battle reports wasn't that good. See some old Lucifer or Grubby games. Now, that's micro.
  2. ButcherBunny

    Q&A Batch 52 - Discussion

    This is a grave mistake for blizzards. Imagine how many more players will wc3 have if the WE was flexible to the point where you can make your own fps for example. I mean, with the current standarts, this what is pretty much possible: Melee/altered melee RPG's Some crap-arena maps very...
  3. ButcherBunny

    Porn Actors

    well, actually prostitution is not illegal in Germany. In Germany it is a normal job.
  4. ButcherBunny

    Porn Actors

    I agree. Though they do, deserve that high salary they get. I mean, after getting fucked/or just fucked that many people I doubt that you will ever have the energy to find someone who you like for, not only the good sex but for their personality. what do you guys think ?
  5. ButcherBunny

    Q&A Batch 52 - Discussion

    Hm... I am a newbie. Do you mind telling me when vJass was created ? I beleave that there will be an upgrade for galaxy, but 2-3 years after the third expansion comes out.
  6. ButcherBunny

    Defense Hero Base Defend

    I tested it. The items were very interesting. Nice map, though it is missing the variaty that maps need. For a new map it is quite good, though due to the fact that there are arround 30-40 maps released each day on epic war this map needs a lot more items and heroes. Listen, this map ha a...
  7. ButcherBunny

    Getting My First Tattoo

    >Well, the superman logo is classic, not something like your lover's name or a religious symbol which might get you in trouble. If a skin head/mettal/punk/emo sees it and thinks that you are a soopa man fan, you will be in a world of trouble xD
  8. ButcherBunny

    Q&A Batch 52 - Discussion

    BASS it is then.
  9. ButcherBunny

    Terrain Contest I - Voting!

    I like 4 and 7 the best. They OWN
  10. ButcherBunny

    A new Star takes the spotlight.

    Indeed, Bloodcount. About the maps, I am sure that someone will re-make dota and the brainless dota players will play it like brainless zombies.
  11. ButcherBunny

    What kind of maps will sc2 have?

    Are models that important. I am pretty sure that with the sphere ability you can make a mage look in at least 20 different ways.
  12. ButcherBunny

    RPG Unnamed epic orpg

    Epic terrain please =]
  13. ButcherBunny

    Which Race Do You Like Most

    Undead FTW!
  14. ButcherBunny

    Just fine. Weather really sucks but other then that evrything is fine.

    Just fine. Weather really sucks but other then that evrything is fine.
  15. ButcherBunny

    How not to write a thread title

    I do beleave that this thread shloud pop-up for the first 10-20 posts of new users so they do not make the same mistake :-)
  16. ButcherBunny

    Iconpack RPG Area "keys"

    Well, pretty darn nice. Although you are not 100% the creator of the icons, they still look good and are perfect for RPG's. Nice one, but next time try to make them free-hand, ok ?
  17. ButcherBunny

    What Will Be Your First Mod?

    I do not know. I will wait untill it is released. Then I will see what I can think of.
  18. ButcherBunny

    What's up ?

    What's up ?
  19. ButcherBunny

    RPG Silent Night Orpg

    If a save-load system is soo hard for you to make... you cloud have just used acehart's.
  20. ButcherBunny

    Sites where to post my map

    Aw.... damn... Silly me... I mystyped the words :D:D Gonna fix it!