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  1. exge

    wierd problem with JNGP

    ahh OMG!! thanks!! guess i been away too long from the scene ... :p
  2. exge

    wierd problem with JNGP

    hey all, after i installed the jngp my we seems spoiled or something. you can see from the attached pictures that any other user i add becomes removed so i only have me and blue(another user/computer) and for some strange reason i become blue, when isnt red supposed to be the...
  3. exge

    Quests-Just Like In The Game...

    2nd question : game cache is like a hash table - if you have any other programming experience allows you to lookup stuff by the name that its stored by usually a string which makes it very fast and thats why its used in handle vars
  4. exge

    Invisible Terrain?

    you know you can just make the bridge float as it is with ctrl pgup
  5. exge

    cheat detector (string)?

    arghh !! is it really that hard to understand no detecting cheats thru chat events however you do it
  6. exge

    cheat detector (string)?

    i still cant believe how many people dont know cheats are not chat events after so many threads on this
  7. exge

    Getting Damage Source

    what are the BJ's even there for??
  8. exge

    [NPC] Spells & Heroes

    are they hero abilities or unit ones
  9. exge

    Ability Codes

    what do you need them for? are you trying to remove those abilities?
  10. exge

    Making an item ability

    even if you remove the buff, it will still be stunned until the ability finishes removing the buff will only remove the special effects overhead
  11. exge

    Buff Stacking Problem - Any way to import your OWN buffs?

    i have no problem whatsoever with 2 buffs of same base buff ... works fine for me ... i mean my maps
  12. exge

    cheat detector (string)?

    you cant detect them as chat events im currently working on a anti cheat system currently it can detect whosyourdaddy thereisnospoon iseedeadpeople greedisgood keysersoze leaftittome it will even show how much gold you tried to cheat like if you typed greedisgood 1000 it will tell you that...
  13. exge

    Pick every unit in range only gets first unit.

    for example if we need to know whos casting unit and target unit of ability being cast(for triggered damage) i dont think the WE engine can tell who is who by triggering unit lol
  14. exge

    Jass Return Item Cost

    it means the function findnextitem is not defined in the header ... i assume by custom script you mean GUI so its set udg_Integer_X = GetItemGoldCostById('item raw id here') to see raw id in the OE press ctrl-d
  15. exge

    Exclamation mark

    thats called a ping cinematic -> ping minimap for *
  16. exge

    Need some help with an error if someone has the time.

    are you trying to open a protected map??
  17. exge

    Starting trigger problem

    should be run checking condtions not turn on cos the event is map init by the time he gets there, you are faaar from map init
  18. exge

    System Scanner Verison 4.0

    yea messed up ... it shouldnt float up like urs it should be like my progress bar trigger function pbar takes unit c,string spellname returns nothing local string spellmsg local integer spellcount=0 local texttag x local integer max=15 call PauseUnitBJ(true,c) set spellmsg = "Casting " +...
  19. exge

    Sci/Tech Aliens exist, not as we know it

    noooooo, i was tricked again
  20. exge

    Disable Cheats and making minimum 2 players

    ok, that just sounds ... wrong .. lol im working on a anti-cheat system now ... currently it can detect whosyourdaddy thereisnospoon greedisgood leaftittome blocks iseedeadpeople