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    quick question about unit group - pick units

    does the action unitgroup - pick units of type 1) pick dead units or dead heroes? 2) pick units that you have hiden by the unit - hide/unhide unit action?
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    Need some help with spawn points

    Hello i need some help to make a trigger for spawn points via triggers. and store them in point varriables My problem: I got a moving spawn point(a unit with a model fo a flag) that moves every 30 seconds. I got 2 teams, with a random amount of units between 1-6 untis. (based on how many...
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    Issued Order Target a/With no target - Order unit to do "string"?

    Can you order a unit to do the order stored in a string variable in beforehand?
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    Is it possible to make a game still being active when tabbed down?

    hmm... what linux? Ubuntu or Fedora 41?
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    Nova Spell... Why?

    post the whole new trigger or uppload the map, would be quite easier to help you if you did
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    extremely high cliffs...

    you use the "rise terrain tool" it allows it to raise 2 points in an "infinite" heigh up
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    Is it possible to make a game still being active when tabbed down?

    it doesn't rly help, since aslong as the actually window isn't the window above all the others, it still pasues when you select another program (its the same effect as tabing down) so there realy isn't any way to "bypass" this? <.<
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    Is it possible to make a game still being active when tabbed down?

    some games as some visual novels and wc3(single player) pasues when you tab down. is there anyway you can make a program "think" that you always have it as your active window?
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    Custom Chain Heal not working

    there where a chain heal thread up for not a long time ago, they simple solves it by using a dummy to cast a negative healing wave with -0.01 damage and then detect if a unit takes damage of that dummy, use custom heal etc etc. Edit here is the thread...
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    Mass Entangling roots - delay?

    My guess is that oyu have missed to set casting point to zero on your dummy unit. Take a look at the whisp and see his animation settings.
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    Spellpack Admiral's Spells

    and i'm sure you are wrong
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    I cannot log into msn

    well i haven't been able to log into msn messanger for like 3-4 month since the latest uppdate... Anyone have/had the same problem? Anyone have the solution to this? since the msn help forums are being emo and wont even reply to my threads...
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    Health percentage detection?

    he/she we is bugged and doesn't support hashtables?^^ just a guess... atleast i have that problem i use the normal editor and still have that problem...
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    Spell Books

    as the same way you incress w/e ability via triggers... As example: Unit - Set level of Starfall(inspelbook) to 2 for Triggering unit will incress level of starfall in a spellbook to 2 Unit - Set level of Starfall(notspelbook) to 2 for Triggering unit will incress level of starfall...
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    How do you make a spell so it cant be "dodged" with blink and windwalk?

    wow srlsy? never though that phantom lancers nuke worked like that, oh btw i take that link to my bookmarks :D
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    AoE DoT

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    Double Strike Help

    cant you just maek it a critical strike? since 2 hits is pretty mcuh as dubbel damage? Also if it is a range hero... you can use orb of slow with the searing arrow in it.
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    Adding Spelldamage With Items

    i belive they add the spell ina hidden spellbook rather than creating ALOT of diffrent items for each hero...
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    The Spell Request Thread!

    oO how can a spell be both MUI and MPI? :eek: