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  1. blooman

    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!

    judas Priest - Painkiller EXHnTKcjTL0
  2. blooman


    Hello every1 i have not been active for a long time but w/e i just reinstalled war3 and no1 will join my games i forgot how i fixed it a long time ago because my knowledge became dead helpzzz
  3. blooman

    Model Importing

    put the files in your warcraft 3 directory try that:P
  4. blooman

    How do you make a special effect only a certain player can see?

    well im noob but... Dont think you can the only way i can think of is to black out the area where the special effect is going to be for the other players but not for the person and create it But i might be wrongXD
  5. blooman

    Heroes style for a Zone Control Map

    well most epople like their spells to be like dota everything customly made but if your not good at that just go with number 1
  6. blooman

    All Random Help

    unit type variable and u should change Owner of sold unit to Owner of buying unit
  7. blooman

    Need abit of a help with a ALL RANDOM system.

    unit type variable and its a array just so u know;)
  8. blooman

    more than 2 cliff tiles

    bump Lol
  9. blooman

    Would you play this game-type?

    of course That mission was my favorite mission cuz its a hero war sort of game
  10. blooman

    Level of ability

    Integer level of ability change the thing into convert integer to real
  11. blooman

    When i destroy a building it gives xp to all heroes on map. Why?

    look at the XP kill range thing in gameplay
  12. blooman

    more than 2 cliff tiles

    exactly what the title says how do i get a different tileset cliff tile into a map i have rite now like element TD
  13. blooman

    spell help

    but it creates the footman next to the guyz so why does the cast range have to be high?
  14. blooman

    spell help

    yes a edited version of it WOW I FORGOT TO CHANGE THE Cast Range TY Wolfie RepXD
  15. blooman

    spell help

    I have a move Melee Initialization Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Set Real = -10.00 Multiple FunctionsIf (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
  16. blooman

    different bomb problem

    i heard using do nothing just takes up space they arent repeated they have different points like X of unit things
  17. blooman

    Not able to move a unit

    Well you can do this which might be bad Melee Initialization Copy Events Unit - A unit enters Gate <gen> Conditions Actions Set Pointlol[(Player number of (Owner of (Entering unit)))] = (Center of Gate <gen>) Melee Initialization Events Unit - A...
  18. blooman

    different bomb problem

    skipping bombs? i mean it skips the walls it blows uplike The walls = X Bomb = Y Dead Wall = Z YXXXXXXX then this might happen YZZZZXZZ i think it starts happening after skipping power
  19. blooman

    different bomb problem

    it still doesnt work waaaaaaaah it still skips some buildings
  20. blooman

    different bomb problem

    so i should remove the floating text and the waits?