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    Best Graphic Card

    Hello tech-experts! What is the ultimate gaming graphic-card available to this date? Also, which is better: GeForce GTX 280 ( or GeForce 9800 GX2 ( And finally, is this any worth: SLI - 3x...
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    changes with TH since last time..

    I've noticed some changes since last time. i've got lesser post counts, and lesser rep.. last time i remember i had over 100 posts, now i have less then 80. you may already have talked about this somewhere, if you have an answer posted somewhere else to this kinds a question then please...
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    Skins - Import a Skin

    good tutorial, this may prove useful to some unfamiliar with this. this should be moved to the tutorial section. good job ;)
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    Problem with spawned units

    hmm.. the attack move order the unit to attack any unit it incounter on it's way to the chosen target.. so i dont really thng that's the reason..
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    Problem with spawned units

    well is the way to the specific point blocked by something? i can't raelly understand your question are saying that only some of the units will reach the point? cause that dosn't make sense.. thought there is something that also could be the reason why they wont .. i once tried that...
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    Spell importing question

    well is it an non-triggered ability? if it is then u have to import the abiltity (units, buffs) those are usally the ones you use to make a non-triggered ability
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    What every mapper should know, but probably doesn't.

    so u're saying that ppl are able to make a b-net wc3 map that is above the 4 mb???.. well i guess some maps with lots and lots of units, triggers, doodads, "details" and lots of other stuff perhaps could have a file size above 4mb without haveing any imported files... i havn't tried to release...
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    What every mapper should know, but probably doesn't.

    too bad if a map file size then is over 6 megabytes.. isn't there a way to change this?
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    Unnamed Battle Arena

    wow nice screenshots :nuts: .. i would like to see what u could do in a mounth :D
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    My Services 4 You!

    well if ur bored then i guess i have a job for u :) .. if u want ;) u see im working on a Mini Game Island project and i hear ur good with triggers... i need someone to create one of the mini games in the Game Island project i have currently 4 guys working on some cool mini games and...
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    River problem!

    yes i do.. check my profile
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    Importing music to the World Editor?

    hmm.. perhaps though the WE music/sounds CAN be played with MAP INITIALIZATION. but perhaps triggering the music/sound with another trigger, might help
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    No attack to allies ?

    hmm.. i haven't played DOTA for a long time.. but try and click on Player Properties and then make a new Force.. and make them allied with eachother.. i dont know what it's like in DOTA...
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    Importing music to the World Editor?

    hmm.. perhaps.. i'll look into it but still if anyone knows how to do it then plz tell me...
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    casting ability on attack!

    ah there it is :D .. thx ;)
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    casting ability on attack!

    okay.. i see.. but isn't this just the way i just said??? or what... :confused:
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    casting ability on attack!

    i want one of my units to cast Shockwave when it attacks.. problem is that the triggers dosn't say anything about cast Shockwave on attack only like Cast Far Seer Chain Lightning on attack (or something else).. im i missing something or.. i've seen this done before so it's possible but i...
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    TD system (spawning enemies)

    as i've said before that toturial still needs something.. there are nothing saying what to do with: Gold Income Coundtdown Timer and other triggers as well... and also with the creep spawn... in the toturial it says "each 45 seconds of game time" .. in the most td's the creeps spawn, lets...
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    Computer doesn't give bounty (was: Help Me Plz!)

    when u change the bounty of a unit then i would advice you to only change the bounty value (?cant remember what it's called in the WE?) and then set the two others to 0..
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    Unit sfx names

    "chest" is always good to use