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    Gaming South Korea Starcraft gamers accused of match rigging

    Police in South Korea are investigating allegations of match fixing by professional players of sci-fi-themed strategy game StarCraft. The game, made by World of Warcraft developer Blizzard, is enormously popular in South Korea. Leagues of professional players compete in televised tournaments...
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    Child vows to take down 4chan/anonymous

    (youtube embedding didn't work?) - Fixed. :)
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    Gaming Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem

    On the last day, they gathered for a group photo. They were videogame programmers, artists, level builders, artificial-intelligence experts. Their team was — finally — giving up, declaring defeat, and disbanding. So they headed down to the lobby of their building in Garland, Texas, to smile for...
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    Take-Two sues Apogee, Duke Nukem Forever screenshots leaked

    The next chapter of this saga begins.... dead source removed ============================ Meanwhile, high resolutions screenshots and spreadsheets of the entire plot have been leaked onto the Internet, find them here: dead link removed
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    Gaming Duke Nukem developer goes bust

    I saw a video posted from several months back of some game reviewer who got a chance to actually play the game . I'm sure the video is still around somewhere.
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    Gaming Duke Nukem developer goes bust

    Veteran games developer 3D Realms has closed down because of a lack of funds. Founded in 1987, the firm popularised the concept of shareware gaming and published the seminal Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D first-person shooters. The company was working on a follow-up title, Duke Nukem...
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    Defense Grid: The Awakening 75% off This Week on Steam

    Just a heads up. Steam is offering the addictive Tower Defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening for a mere $5.00 , or 75% off the original price. This special is available until May 13th. Read here for more information:
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    System Voting Kick System

    Hi Chris, I can't help since I don't play or map anymore. And I'm half asleep right now. If you think there is a mistake and you've tested out a fix and it works, then you are welcome to attach it into this thread so others can benefit from your work. I can't say if anyone has really used...
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    World Mandatory Australian net filter to block up to 10,000 websites

    No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia !
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    Gaming Electronic Arts to axe 500 jobs

    Arkane Studios Burdened by EA Layoffs The ripples are already being felt down the food chain ...
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    Gaming Electronic Arts to axe 500 jobs

    Video game publishing giant Electronic Arts (EA) is to shed more than 500 jobs, after the firm announced lower than expected profits for the year. Nearly 20% of its share value was wiped out after the profit warning, with its shares closing at $22.78. EA said that higher development and...
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    World Rape girl, 13, killed for adultery

    In those parts of the world where they follow traditional views of Islam, girls who have been raped must kill themselves or be killed in order to restore honour to their family. And the criminals more often than not walk free. It's disgusting, but it does still happen far too often in...
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    Acti-Blizz scheduling Starcraft for 2009...

    I think this is why it's probably best to not announce these things too early. Games taking too long to ship from the official announce date kills all the excitement of it. I'll buy this game for sure, but I'm not going to play it with the same enthusiasm I had back around E3 2007.
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    Warcraft 3 Fatal Error

    ~ Disable Aero before playing any 3D games ~ Go into the properties for the .exe file for the game -> Compatibility tab -> run the game in XP compatibility mode Do you *actually* have 3gb ram or do you have 4gb and its only detecting 3gb ?
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    StarCraft II Q&A: Lead Designer Dustin Browder

    Here's an interesting Q&A made last Monday by Wired as part of their Blizzcon 2008 wrap-up: The interviewee, SCII Lead Designer Dustin Browder, gave what was one of the more relaxed and frank interviews that I've read from a Blizzard...
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    Gaming Blizzard wins Warcraft bot battle

    Blizzard has won the first round of a legal battle against the maker of software that automates game play in World of Warcraft. It brought the case against MDY Industries claiming its WowGlider program infringed its copyright. An Arizona district court has ruled MDY does infringe Blizzard's...
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    Crime Kids throw stones at his house, he is arrested

    And to think some people wonder where modern society has gone wrong.
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    Gaming Game over Flagship Studio

    WTF What on earth is going on at that studio ? Hellgate: London IP may be sold off ?? Flagship Studios may be dead ?? Flagship Studios may be not dead ?? Employees laid off ?? Future of Mythos in doubt ?? Good heavens...
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    Diablo 3 being announced?

    Yea I agree that Tyrael will be back in a big way. They've pretty much alluded to it by saying that, without the Worldstone, there is nothing stopping the forces of both Heaven and Hell from entering the world of Sanctuary. On a related note, I'm not really up to date on all the lore or...
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    Blizzard Movies?

    Thanks, I guess I was just looking for a way to watch them in HQ without having to go to the pain of re-installing all the games again : - ) On a related note, does anyone know where to find the initial Diablo II cinematic trailer at all ? It's one of the pre-game release trailers. It...