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    HOw to loop a trigger?

    you could always use an If Then Else and for the condition have it see if the # of the monsters in a region or whole map are equal to or less than, then spawn or dont spawn
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    Immortal Turret

    The problem is when an immortal move it faces the direction it is moving and cannot attack. In the video not only is it NOT facing the direction it moves, but its body isn't rotating, which makes me think the body and turret are not the same unit.
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    Immortal Turret

    the problem is how do i get it to constantly aim where my mouse is? make it's attack invisible and have it attack an invisible unit?
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    Immortal Turret

    I am trying to get an immortal's turret to follow my mouse as seen at Blizzcon 2010 video here. I have no clue how this guy set this up. I looked through all the triggers searching for "look" and "face" and there were some like "Make unit look at actor/point/unit" and "Make actor look at actor"...
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    Warcraft III Campaigns

    thanks both of you, I found them. +rep to both
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    Warcraft III Campaigns

    Is there any way for me to open up the campaign maps in WE or is there a program that can locate them for me?
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    Ordered units not moving to points

    my brother had the same problem with his map. best fix: make sure the map doesn't run melee AI scripts, or the units will usually return to their starting location after a little bit
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    Need help - Linking Teleporters

    so when a unit enters "harvester control" it teleports the unit randomly to one of the eight "harvester areas" and the any time later in the game when another unit from that player enters "harvester control" you want them to go to the same "harvester area"? Welcome to TheHelper!
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    Ordered units not moving to points

    make sure you've deleted this from the original initialization trigger Melee Game - Run melee AI scripts (for computer players)
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    I'm trying to help a friend with some triggers in his map, and some of them make things all screwed up if you use cheats and he also doesn't want people to use cheats in the first place. How do I properly use bj_isSinglePlayer?
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    Spawn Trigger Help!

    you don't look like an idiot. you're new to the editor, and you had a question about something you didn't understand.
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    Spawn Trigger Help!

    Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
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    How to Give Gold and Lumber

    Gold Cheat Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -gg as An exact match Conditions (Substring((Entered chat string), 1, 4)) Equal to -gg Actions Player - Add (Integer((Substring((Entered chat string), 5, (Length of entered chat string)))))) to (Triggering player)...
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    Which triggers prevents showing dialog buttons ?

    Have you tried replacing GOD_PlayerNumber with (Owner of (Sold unit)?
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    Unit group

    so you want to do something only if the unit's a footman or something like that? then use If/Then/Elses
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    Which triggers prevents showing dialog buttons ?

    also, in the trigger where you create the dialog, place this before you create the dialog Dialog - Clear GOD_DIALOG[GOD_PlayerNumber] YAY! 200 posts!
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    Edit Recipe System

    I'm pretty sure EGUI has a nice custom trigger that creates a recipe. you could try that. get EGUI in the World Editor forums->Member's Projects->EGUI
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    Which triggers prevents showing dialog buttons ?

    Few questions: 1. Does the dialog box show up? 2. If it does, are there buttons on it, or no? 3. Are you using a fade filter? 4. If none of the above, please re-explain your problem in more detail
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    Pile of lumber doodad

    Items->Bundle of Lumber, problem with that model is it has a red ribbon tied around it with a bow on top and golden shiny stuff coming off the bottom