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  1. Nestharus

    Discussion Attack Indexing Solved

    yea the unique damage is automatically assigned by the system using something like Bonus. Rather than putting a unit's stats into the object editor, you'd put them into a struct or something ^)^.
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    Discussion Druggy Code O_o

    So I was just looking at notes from a language I was working on and I came across this. function ReturnThis takes nothing out static export //no name needed integer i = out n end end scope function Woah takesnothing integer n =4 while(n++<10) do...
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    Discussion Attack Indexing Solved

    So... today I solved attack indexing Previously, people attempted to index attacks using debuffs. This wasn't possible because the data wasn't stored on the projectile. Thus, when the projectile would hit the unit, it would do something like fire events for the source, which would in turn add...
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    System Unit Indexer

    You don't need to, don't worry
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    System Unit Indexer

    Made it so that Alloc, AllocT, and AllocQ isAllocated field was not debug only. This was causing a syntax error when the UnitIndexer modules were saved outside of debug mode. They depend on isAllocated : |. These 3 things are separate resources from Unit Indexer. I updated the map to include...
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    System Unit Indexer

    neither, it's a resource
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    System Unit Indexer

    Go for it Don't need testers, just need to see if people like it : )
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    System Unit Indexer

    Sorry all. When I fixed the formatting, a few spaces got dropped. These were causing syntax errors. I put them back in just now.
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    System Unit Indexer

    Unit Index /* * requires * * Alloc * ErrorMessage * * private struct p_UnitIndex extends array * * debug method operator isAllocated takes nothing returns boolean * debug static method calculateMemoryUsage takes nothing returns integer * debug static method...
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    System Unit Indexer

    Map Includes Required Resources Installation Script + Instructions Installation Objects + Instructions Resource Test Cases Tutorials/Labs Required resources can also be found on github Best thing to do is to just go through the tutorials/labs. This can't be compared to any previous Unit...
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    Which is faster?

    They both suck :\ List list = List.create() local integer sentinel = list //populate loop set list = exitwhen list == sentinel //code endloop
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    System Dynamic Memory Allocator

    //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // // ************************************************************* // * * // *...
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    TD Any volunteer to help me create my map?

    So what, is this like whatever team makes it to the last round wins? Or whichever team makes it to the last round first or survives longest wins? Or what? If it's simply tower defense survivor mode, that's not very interesting ; \.
  14. Nestharus

    I'm sorry, I don't do GUI at all : ). I only do vjass ^_^

    I'm sorry, I don't do GUI at all : ). I only do vjass ^_^
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    WIP Headhunters (PvP ORPG - Recruiting)

    This is looking pretty good = D
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    WIP Back To Footman Empires Project :o

    Terrain you see is arena, but you can plug the game into any terrain you want ; )