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  1. azareus

    Program Request (Do we do that?)

    So you want the screen orientation of your 2 screens to change when you press a specific key? If this is the case you might be able to use iRotatewith a hotkey program like AutoHotKey.
  2. azareus

    Console gamers literally are too dumb to play this kind of game (tactical shooter)

    It is not like PC gamers are much more clever. Mostly the myth about that comes from the times when you had to manually patch your entire OS to even start a game.
  3. azareus

    USB Ports Malfunctioning

    Maybe try reinstalling the drivers for your USB ports. It is pretty normal for USB ports (especially in laptops) to begin malfunctioning after a few years. My laptop has a dead one too.
  4. azareus

    Microsoft flipped me the finger =/

    Just call MS and say you lost your key. They give them out like candy.
  5. azareus

    Long-time storage for pc(s)

    You can buy those moist absorbent balls for near nothing. Rodents will eat through cardboard but most likely not through plastic. If you want to be completely sure, encase it in aluminium wrap too. Aluminium wrap is very painful to chew through.
  6. azareus

    Long-time storage for pc(s)

    The CPU might also be good to take out as it is also prone to nearly everything. Take out as much as you can, but the CPU, graphics card, RAM and HDD should be enough. (Please note that I am not a professional and cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong) Even though the case is fully...
  7. azareus

    Long-time storage for pc(s)

    Why would you only want to take out the graphics card? If the computers are going to stand somewhere humid it might be a good idea to take out most of the hardware, or at least let it dry thoroughly before you try to use it again. I would recommend finding somewhere completely dry to store...
  8. azareus

    If you could only have 2....

    This. So much this. Even my forum name is this.
  9. azareus

    Buy or build a new computer?

    I would definitely not buy an Acer. Even for prebuilts, their computers are very bad quality. Asus or MSI are your best bets for laptops that are of decent quality.
  10. azareus

    Help me optimize my calculator code!

    You misspelled modifier and it might be easier to use a switch statement to find out the mode. Why are you declaring variables outside the main function?
  11. azareus

    This game could actually rival Starcraft AND Minecraft if completed.

    Keep in mind this is only an early alpha. Also, regarding 3, I think they use it as a convenient way of going around infinite depth. Bottom of the island = death by fall. Also, they will probably add more terrain types later on.
  12. azareus

    The Official Members Awards - 2011

    Bests' Best Name Wargasm Best Avatar PurgeandFire Best Quotes Miz Best Artist kelogsloops Best Writer Ninva Best Lurker Daskunk Best Chance for Next Mod Firecat Best Chance for Next Admin Mahucharn Best Title Artificial Best Location N/A Best Signature Uberplayer Best Debater N/A Best...
  13. azareus

    Little problem I'm running in to [Learning C++]

    You are trying to pass characters into an integer variable. C++ does not like you doing that :P What you should do is put it into a string variable. What is the purpose of having the level function?
  14. azareus

    moust button problems

    I think he is trying to have two mice plugged in at once, and have one "left-handed" and one "right-handed" with their buttons. If you are using a Logitech mouse I believe their SetPoint software can be used to reverse the settings for one mouse.
  15. azareus

    Sci/Tech 'Glasses free 3D' 55" TV - FOUR TIMES higher resolution than Hi-Def

    Too bad nothing has this resolution. Kind of useless right now.
  16. azareus

    17 Ways To Tie Your Shoe

    Good thing that site got it from here :D
  17. azareus

    What are reasons why programmed games are better than flash games?

    Raw processing power. Since Flash is a framework, if you need a lot of processing going on, you need to ditch it and code everything to fit what you are doing the best. Also, Flash games can have fullscreen ;)
  18. azareus

    C++ compilation trouble

    I would personally use Code::Blocks, but there is a lot of options.
  19. azareus

    C++ compilation trouble

    Firstly, don't use Dev-C++. The last I heard of it, it was hopelessly outdated. Second, in C++ the C include-able files are renamed by putting a c in front of it and removing the .h extension. E.g. #include <stdlib.h> is #include <cstdlib>
  20. azareus

    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    I gave my number to my psychiatrist because that's how I roll.