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  1. Wiseman_2

    Lego Technic Starcraft 2 Siege Tank

    He's something I've been following on another forum for quite a while now... the guy who built it finally completed it and I figured some of you guys might appreciate it :) It is, of course, a Starcraft 2 Siege Tank built out of Lego. And it transforms! :D Aside from being a visually...
  2. Wiseman_2

    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!

    I cannot be the only one who is slightly baffled as to why this thread appears to be a magnet for terrible spambots, right? Sharp music from some dudes in sharp suits.
  3. Wiseman_2

    US News Storms Knock Out Power To 2M

    We've had crazy weather in the UK lately too... today we've had 4 separate thunderstorms with distinct periods of swelteringly hot weather in between... that's the kind of weather you expect in Brazilian rainforest, not the average UK ^.^
  4. Wiseman_2

    Dr. Strangelove

    A stone cold classic, my second favourite film of all time (behind Bladerunner). It contains some outstanding performances, helped in part by the fact that apparently, none of the actors knew they were supposed to be in a comedy. The scene in which Major Kong details the contents of the bomber...
  5. Wiseman_2

    Report Dad's Brains Mean More to His Son's Success than His Money

    Especially if you're a zombie.
  6. Wiseman_2

    Gaming Blizzard facing Legal Indictments from France & Germany

    If always-on DRM becomes a thing on consoles then I will pretty much be forgetting about buying any new games with it. I have a shaky internet connection at the best of times, and it's entirely unfeasible to expect to be able to roll out a game worldwide that everyone will be able to connect...
  7. Wiseman_2

    World Sky City: China plans world's tallest building

    If you're gonna try and surpass the tallest building in the world, don't just do it by a measly 10 meters... stick another 50 on at least ^.^
  8. Wiseman_2

    World Russia protesters demand Putin's resignation

    Just look at the guy. He looks more like a Bond villain than any of the actual Bond villains. Obviously he's evil. :rolleyes:
  9. Wiseman_2

    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!

    Delain's new album came out the other day. I got my copy today. And it's signed. Yey! :P
  10. Wiseman_2

    World China’s Pirated Austrian Village Opens

    Don't they already have a fake London and Paris in China?
  11. Wiseman_2

    (2012) Prometheus: what on Earth has Ridley Scott created?

    I saw this tonight, and though I had high hopes - what with it being Ridley Scott and all (Bladerunner remains my favourite film, ever) - I still felt a bit pessimistic going into it. I have to say though, I should've realised Scott would pull it off - it's not amazing, but it is definitely a...
  12. Wiseman_2

    TH Members, what's your hobby?

    I've seen some porn that would really make you think. Admittedly, part of that would be thinking about how on earth it's meant to arouse someone, but also the other kind of making you think. :P
  13. Wiseman_2

    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!

    Summer is just around the corner... so how about a summer song?
  14. Wiseman_2

    Current bugs (xenforo)

    Not necessarily a bug but more a "how do I do this?": How do I change my signature? I can't see an option in my profile to do so...
  15. Wiseman_2

    Crime Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets

    Or you could be like a friend of mine. His parents are divorced and his mother recently skipped the country without telling him, while his father has long since disappeared; after his mother left, she sold the house and he is now technically homeless. He sleeps wherever a friend offers him a...
  16. Wiseman_2

    What do you think of tattoos and body-piercing?

    I don't really have any particularly strong thoughts about piercings... they can look pretty good if they're done right, but there's a point when it could be considered... too far. My friend recently got himself an... um... Prince Albert, and *that* is too far (for me). Strictly speaking he...
  17. Wiseman_2

    Sci/Tech DIY Tesla Gun

    I want one, and I want one now.
  18. Wiseman_2

    TH Members, what's your hobby?

    I recently decided to give sketching and drawing a go... it's going pretty well so far actually, quite enjoying it too. I recommend giving it a go :thup:
  19. Wiseman_2

    Tonight is the Super Moon!

    Ahh, that explains it. Me and some friends were walking back from their local generic fast food place and we just noticed this massive yellow moon bearing down on us. It was pretty cool :)