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  1. Stephen

    N-504 photos

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. Stephen

    Untold Nuon Tales: Dragon’s Lair 1+2 and Space Ace

    Seems a bit sad that this cannot be archived now. Maybe at some point, so the info is not lost.
  3. Stephen

    NUON USB Controller Adaptor from RobertDaleSmith

    Just completed my pre-order. Can't wait to see if I can get my existing spinner to work with this.
  4. Stephen

    Untold Nuon Tales: Dragon’s Lair 1+2 and Space Ace

    Cool info - too bad nothing was archived. Are there copies of this Don Thomas disc available by chance? I have very vague memories of hearing about it, but never did get a copy.
  5. Stephen

    Announcing Untold Nuon Tales!

    Interesting - I like this. Definitely interested in what you'll be sharing.
  6. Stephen

    Old NuonEm and Nuance versions for the archive

    Was talking to some folks on Discord, and there has been a request for old versions of Mike Perry's (Riff) emulator. I do not have any source code, unfortunately. I was just an old school guy helping him test the emulator. I think it's cool but also scary how fast time goes by. A note from...
  7. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    Wow - change log looks great for this! Downloading and testing it now.
  8. Stephen

    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    I've unfortunately never seen one of those in the wild. My guess is it's a prototype, and like all the other controller related stuff, could be easily recreated IF we had a stock of original Polyface chips. We have none. Hopefully, these new devices coming out will eventually replicate the...
  9. Stephen

    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    I'm on the list. Most exciting thing about this (IMHO): " Possible serial communication for developers " listed as future possibility.
  10. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    Just tried this, Windows 11 is refusing to run the file - it says there was a virus (or other error) and it deleted it. I am sure this is a false positive - just wanted to let you know. The exe for 0.6.2 was working fine, as I was using it a few hours ago. I've turned off Defender because I...
  11. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    Thanks for posting! I haven't tried burning to DVD yet, but I will say the latest version of Nuance (0.62) runs The Next Tetris. Just tell the emulator to load "Toshiba Sampler (Next Tetris)\Toshiba Sampler DVD\NUON\tnt.cof" and the game will start.
  12. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    I just happen to be on vacation all next week - I'd gladly test on my N501. I believe Google gives 15GB free space (for such things as Drive, etc.) I'd say that's the best bet.
  13. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    The greed and stupidity on Ebay is so sad. The [email protected]@@ [email protected]!!! has ruined pretty much every aspect of collecting and not just for video games.
  14. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    I've never tried - I'll take a look. I currently have Visual Studio 2022 and VS Code on my machine, as well as the (irrelevant for this case) gcc compiler in the Nuon SDK. I've downloaded the source, and Visual Studio is currently updatng (I never installed stuff for C++). I'll let you know...
  15. Stephen

    Resurrecting Nuance

    I'll grab the latest version and run through all the SDK demos sometime this weekend. I'll let you know if I find any issues.
  16. Stephen

    The dev system lives!

    Wow - that's good news. Do you think it would be possible to clone this hardware? How does this hook up to the Nuon? I've always said how awesome it would be if there was a way of loading code to the Nuon without having to burn a CD/DVD, similar to how BJL worked on the Jaguar. Even without...
  17. Stephen

    Space Invaders XL - an underrated and totally obscure port of the Arcade

    I hate to say it, but I was extremely disappointed with this when it came out. After all the hype from Minter when Nuon was still known as "Project X", even the company calling it a Mario Killer that would crush the N64, we get a port of a 1978 arcade game.
  18. Stephen

    The NUON controller people

    That's precisely what they are working on - reverse engineering and recreating the Polyface chip.