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    Item increase percentage of hero stats

    Note that the above will only increase the value in proportion to the current stats, any stats gained at a later point would not be proportionally added. If this is acceptable, I'd recommend storing the values that were gained and removing those when the item is dropped (rather than a new...
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    On attack trigger bonus damage based on current health

    Also note that this will apply the damage when the attack is made rather than when the damage is received. Considering using a damage detection system, such as: As mentioned by Accname above, your condition is...
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    I need to set zoom options, by Chat Message

    You do not have to make an event for every possible zoom value, but you will need to make a copy of the event for each player. Simply use: Player 1 (Red) types a message containing zoom as A substring. Player 2 (Blue) types a message containing zoom as A substring. as many times as you have...
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    Is it possible to show Reals without fractions?

    Under String there is an option for this, it goes by the name of: Conversion - Convert Real to Formatted String You simply set the two numbers behind the designated String to set the decimals. This is assuming you are using it for String display purposes. If you are trying to store a Real as...
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    Random Arena MiniGame

    bump? ._. version 2.1 out, lots of changes
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    WIP Multiverse Arena Battles (MVAB v3.01)

    Multiverse heros: Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Teemo... wait, what? Why is Teemo there? lol
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    Great to see another from South Africa, I'm down in Cpt.

    Great to see another from South Africa, I'm down in Cpt.
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    Defense Holy War - The Immortal Treasure

    How's progress with this map? Need any assistance?
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    Sliding Maze Wc3 (Port)

    An important question is still that of multiplayer vs single player. Also what software are you designing this in? I'd gladly do some testing if you would like
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    Sliding Maze Wc3 (Port)

    Wc3 projects are pretty much dead anyway, minimal activity here in months. Regardless, I am interested in converting old classics into new-age apps for android devices. As soon as you make any progress and need any assistance, drop me a PM. Good luck
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    Sliding Maze Wc3 (Port)

    >Interested. What are your current ideas on this app? I assume you want that smooth motion of sliding on ice, are you trying to make a direct replica of the sliding maps? Will it be single player or multiplayer? Will it be touch-screen based? Will the touch direct the movement/facing angle...
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    Random Arena MiniGame

    Version 2.0.2 released with bug fixes and changes.
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    Sci/Tech The time has come—we’re going to have to choose between performance and battery life.

    In a serious response to the original topic. I think the answer would very much depend on your age group and usage of such a phone. I can guarantee you that most kids/teenagers especially those involved in the gaming section would almost always say that performance is more important. That they...
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    Random Arena MiniGame

    New version (2.0.0) released! Now contains AI! Download it here.
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    Cancel timer for hero revive

    You could just have at the end of your revival trigger a boolean check that will observe if the hero has been revived or not, and if he has then it doesn't proc. When the chat based event occurs, then set a boolean value. This would prevent the revival trigger from having any further effect...
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    Techtree requirements

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "shenanigans", but perhaps using triggers to check the total amount of the amount of the resource alive, then creating a dummy unit. You could use the dummy unit as the techtree requirement. Manipulation of the dummy must be done effectively or this could...
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    Random Arena MiniGame

    Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. I shall definitely add a very basic AI to the next version as well as a large amount of changes, fixes, balances and small visual improvements.
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    Random Arena MiniGame

    Well if you add a bot to Player 2, they will just stand there and auto-attack. But I am considering putting decent AI in, soon.