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  1. meOme

    Hitpoints X seconds ago

    Want me to explain it better?
  2. meOme

    Hitpoints X seconds ago

    You need two triggers: One to save your hitpoints of the last seconds for specific intervals, and one to restore your hitpoints. here's one way to do it, but it only works if there really is just one single unit in the game with this ability. Otherwise you'd have to change it a bit. start...
  3. meOme

    Tree of Life upgrade animation

    The 4 main buildings all use the same animations for their upgrades: "upgrade first" and "upgrade second". You can look this up yourself in the object editor, under "art - required animation names" I think. ;)
  4. meOme

    Item Flat Value Mana Regeneration?

    If you give Brilliance Aura a custom buff, it will stack with other Brilliance Auras with different buffs (the same is true for every other aura).
  5. meOme

    if ability is ultimate?

    I would do it like this: function IsAbilityUltimate takes integer id returns boolean return ( id == 'A001' or id == 'A002' or id == 'A003' or id == 'A004' or id == 'A005' ) endfunction (A001, A002, A003, A004 and A005 are ultimates) You're just comparing some integers (as many as there are...
  6. meOme

    Counting REAL time instead of Game Time

    Well, the function TriggerSleepAction( x ) is in real time (that's why you need PolledWait( x ) to avoid desyncs), but this is not very precise.
  7. meOme

    In-game Buff Tooltips

    Descriptions aren't useless, they add atmosphere.
  8. meOme

    In-game Buff Tooltips

    That's true, but there is no comma in "This unit is Wrapped; it cannot move." Strange indeed.
  9. meOme

    Strangest problem ever

    Well, both of your triggers leak a unit-variable (DartTarget), apart from that I don't see much difference between them. The biggest problem is that you use global variables. If ANY other unit uses Envenomed Dart or Ultimate Envenomed Dart during one of your waits (or even the same unit), you...
  10. meOme

    High lvl Boss monster

    No hero can have a higher level than the number in the gameplay constants. Either you turn your bosses into normal units or you set the maximum hero lvl to 750 and then trigger that experience is disabled for your hero when he reaches lvl 99.
  11. meOme

    How To? Can't Attack a Unit With Specific Buff

    I would just use the ability Phoenix Fire. It automatically attacks nearby enemies, gives them a DoT, and isn't cast on enemies that already have the buff. Sounds perfect for what you want. And you don't need a single annoying trigger.
  12. meOme

    Pick Unit in Group

    I don't know why it works one time and not the other, sorry. But your AOEEffect-Trigger is needlessly complicated. You have: (MaxDam*Pow(Distance,-1))*(MaxDam/(MinNum*MaxDam)) Now, Pow(Distance,-1) is the same as 1/Distance. And (MaxDam/(MinNum*MaxDam)) is just MinNum. So in the end, what...
  13. meOme

    function return problem

    It will leak.
  14. meOme

    GetLocalPlayer() question

    Ah, so everything inside the if-actions-block is already local. Then I'm sure that each player get's a different random value (and a different message) as long as the if-condition is there. Without the if-condition, everyone should get the same message I think.
  15. meOme

    GetLocalPlayer() question

    That's got nothing to do with one another. oO The condition is useless because as I said, every player is in "bj_FORCE_ALL_PLAYERS" anyway. So this: if IsPlayerInForce(GetLocalPlayer(), bj_FORCE_ALL_PLAYERS) then call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(), 0., 0., sc + MSG[GetRandomInt(1...
  16. meOme

    GetLocalPlayer() question

    Yes, I think it will return a different random value for each player. But I don't think that's the problem that's causing your errors, it would just mean that each player sees a different message. And your condition "IsPlayerInForce(GetLocalPlayer(), bj_FORCE_ALL_PLAYERS)" is useless I think...
  17. meOme

    Question on Blighted Land

    When blight is removed, dead trees will turn alive again.
  18. meOme


    Why don't you put your actions in the same trigger as the "call ReviveHero(blahblah)"?
  19. meOme


    by 50% Setting it to 0.3 will slow the enemy to 70%. You could have just tested that yourself by setting the value to 0.1/0.9 :P
  20. meOme

    Remove item from shop

    You can remove items from a shop with the trigger action "neutral building - remove item type (from marketplace)". But this only works on items that have been added to the shop with "neutral building - add item type (to marketplace)". So what you do is: 1) In the Object Editor, remove all...