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  1. XeNiM666

    Cloaking using the defend ability and transparency

    I don't really understand your problem. :I If it's about taking 2 tries to Cloak then have you tried giving the unit 2 abilities instead of one? If unit uses Ability A, then remove Ability A and replace with Ability B, then do the cloak thingy. If unit uses Ability B, then remove Ability B and...
  2. XeNiM666

    Instant cast?

    IIRC, you can also use the Berserk ability with 0.01 duration so it doesn't interrupt actions :)
  3. XeNiM666

    Laptop - Change primary GPU

    Yep. Still in progress even though they said they'll reply within 48 hours.. Q_Q
  4. XeNiM666

    Hi! I'm a turtle! :D

    Hi! I'm a turtle! :D
  5. XeNiM666

    Laptop - Change primary GPU

    I checked twice now. There's no option to disable on-board graphics. There is, however, something that I can set about graphics. The options I can set it to were 64MB, 128MB, 256 MB and 512 MB. I forgot what it was. ._.'
  6. XeNiM666

    Laptop - Change primary GPU

  7. XeNiM666

    Laptop - Change primary GPU

    Can I e-mail them? or do I have to call them? I'm not sure if our landlines can reach them... Q_Q
  8. XeNiM666

    What is this?

    What is this?
  9. XeNiM666

    Laptop - Change primary GPU

    Hi, and can I say it's been a while :3 Keeping it straight and to the point, how can you set your laptop's primary graphics card? I googled the answer but to no avail. Every one keeps on saying that it's in the BIOS. However, when I looked at the BIOS, there's no option to change the...
  10. XeNiM666

    Random BSODs while running

    First, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. If so, if GM's can kindly put this in the right section, that would be awesome. :) Second, here's the problem: We have this assignment in our school, create a program about Truth Tables and Sets... I don't need any help with the code though, the...
  11. XeNiM666

    System Status

    I copied your example from the demo map and it worked.. it seems the problem is with my coding.. sorry for the bother :D EDIT: it seems the entire Status system will not work on neutrals (both passive and hostile), only enemy players. you should fix that. :) again sorry for the bother
  12. XeNiM666

    System Status

    The entire system doesnt work for me. both status effects and mods dont work for me... tried this: private struct Stun unit stunned real d = 0.00 real dur static method Remove takes nothing returns boolean local Stun s =...
  13. XeNiM666

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    specifically, for what type of map will our heroes be? is it for a melee map, an AoS or simply an WTF-IMBA map?
  14. XeNiM666

    Discussion Total JassHelper overhaul project

    im not a fan of languages, and the only languages i know is basic C and JASS. but can you make a version that uses the same JASS syntax? "Luck" really seems... messy to me (no offense) :)
  15. XeNiM666

    Spell Contest #4 - Results!

    I second this! Maybe some medals to go with the green bar rep system. :D OT: GJ Romek! You created, hosted, graded and commented the whole contest by yourself! :D
  16. XeNiM666

    Comparing strings - simple question

    how about: converting both string to an integer/real and then comparing them via >, <, ==, !=
  17. XeNiM666

    Spell Contest #4 - Results!

    sorry about that. didnt really see that it made it MPI. :D but it was the only way to make it non spammable because if I just add remove it, it will restore its cooldown too. :)
  18. XeNiM666

    Ideas for a Soul Pack (Concept)

    Sorry if it has no name, I'm not good with names. :) I'll just edit if I have more.
  19. XeNiM666

    Spell Contest #4 - Results!

    congrats to the winners! :D i had trouble with this one. when i used "stop" it just sets the current order to "null" but able to move, making it possible to leave for the duration of the spell. sorry about that :D but thats another "physical" part of the spell, is to use the players own...
  20. XeNiM666


    try removing the cooldown and duration..