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  1. Seprest

    Crime Swede faces world-record $1m speeding penalty

    He broke a law and was fined, some people think that the fine should be bigger. $1,000,000 is a lot though, if anything he should be jailed instead of fined more. If he was doing 170kpm over the speed limit, that would mean he was in a 10kpm zone - I am really interested in finding out the...
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    I have aproblem!

    "Fun" heroes arn't fun if they are inbalanced or their skills are OP, or otherwise better than other units' skills. I really suggest putting as many models as you can in your map and do a month of play-testing on B-net, user feedback is what ultimately determines not just balance, but the...
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    Easy Skin Request

  4. Seprest

    Selected unit position

    Did you try swapping the formation rank # on the units?
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    Crime Police investigate Habbo Hotel virtual furniture theft

    People on habbo hotel can consolidate $10,000+ of furniture, it is really crazy.
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    Attachments...... Help!!!!

    Search for models with no weapons, I have seen many stock models redone this way.
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    Why is it delay?

    There is always a delay when hosting a game. It could have something to do with WC3 updating it's gamelist or something. Even on a LAN a hosted game will not appear instantly... Anyone know if it could be the same reason that when selecting some maps in the hosting menu take a second or...
  8. Seprest

    Rate this hero (voodoo mage)

    I think the abilities are all pretty cool. However having them all on one hero would make him a bit OP, skill 2 has just too much going on for a normal ability. It is sort of lingering between a normal skill and an ultimate o.O I would suggest you allow a way for the enemy to avoid the stun...
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    Is this skill possible (GUI) ?

    Sorry, I thought you wanted a suggestion on how to restore buffs as well. I did not say you didn't know how DOtA spells work, sorry if you got that impression.
  10. Seprest

    Is this skill possible (GUI) ?

    I can't understand what you're saying; use what 6 seconds after what?] If you want the ability to restore the buffs the unit had 5 seconds before you need to check if the unit is under the effect of any spell every so often. I am pretty sure you can store the buff the unit had in some way...
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    US News D.C. to begin using more-expensive Trojan condoms in HIV prevention program

    Shouldn't be in schools at all imho...
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    Respawn creeps.

    After the wait time create 1 temporary point will be set to a random point in a desired region. Check if there are no units in the area, if there isn't spawn the a unit of type of dying unit. Destroy temp points. Wouldn't that be fine for a simple creep respawn trigger? You may also want...
  13. Seprest

    Sci/Tech Synthetic life made

    "only a "slight" increase in the threat of bioweapons"
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    Little question about dummy units

    Mapguy is one of the rudest and vaguest people on these fourms; he practically incites arguments with his posts and I do not mistake this for being on accident. This topic is essentially about whether or not dummy units have bugs, however it was put into the context of DoTA along with an insult...
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    Can anyone explain me Point Value and Priority?

    Higher is more likely to be attacked, values from 0-20 I believe.
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    Autocast spell targeting ground

    You can use the condition from my first trigger to detect when the autocasting of the ability is turned on, then replace the ability with a second one that gives a different functionality, and with autocasting on so that it appears that it is the same spell. Each spell that can turn on/off...
  17. Seprest

    Event Response - Selecting Unit

    I don't have it in normal WE :'(
  18. Seprest

    Spell help

    New triggers that should work... going by the logic that you may not be able to cast abilities on dead units or check for their buffs... Trigger1 Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Triggering unit) is in DebuffGroup) Equal to True Actions Unit -...
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    Spell help

    If you want it to be passive make an aura that effects the units you want.
  20. Seprest

    Event Response - Selecting Unit

    I'm pretty sure because I've used that event response for selecting a unit. Enter this in and it will 100% work test Events Player - Player 1 (Red) Selects a unit Conditions Actions Unit - Kill (Triggering unit) :shades: