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  1. the_ideal

    The Official "Post your Myspace/Facebook" Thread

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this, but I just started blogging and if anyone's interested, here's the link: (I figure, social networking site/blog = same thing) Right now there is just a long post about different kinds of heavy metal, but there...
  2. the_ideal


    Just wanted to drop in and say that when I was a total noob and I had endless questions about Warcraft III editing, AceHart would often take the time to patiently answer my questions in detail, after many other veterans of the site had given unsatisfactory answers. Though I am no longer an...
  3. the_ideal

    Environment UN scientists say ozone layer depletion has stopped

    You can actually create gold too, it's just so much more astronomically expensive than the actual value of the gold, because what you're doing is creating it atom-by-atom by smashing protons into each other.
  4. the_ideal

    "For Each (Integer A)" Action Help

    For every integer A simply runs your actions A times, instantly. So if you did this: For every integer A from 1 to 4 Create 1 footman at center of playable map area It would create 4 footmen at the center of the map, instantly. If you added a 1 second wait, however, For...
  5. the_ideal

    Request help: Burrow Strike

    Try changing Casting Unit to Triggering Unit. edit: the correct forum to post this in would just be the World Editor Help forum.
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    Periodic Unit Production

    Event- Time - Periodic - Every 30 seconds Action- Pick every unit matching (unit type of (matching unit)) equal to Keep and do actions- Create one footman This will do what you want, and you just need to add another "Pick every unit matching" action for each building. Note...
  7. the_ideal

    Simple JASS Custom Script Question

    So I've used this custom script to destroy a trigger after it runs: Custom script: call DestroyTrigger( GetTriggeringTrigger() ) But I want one of my triggers to destroy another trigger when it runs, so I tried this: Custom script: call DestroyTrigger( udg_mytrigger ) Adding that line...
  8. the_ideal

    System Customizable Casting Bars-- GUI

    Responses in bold. And again, you say this could be done a lot better, even in GUI. Please tell me how, so I can update my system and give you credit.
  9. the_ideal

    System Customizable Casting Bars-- GUI

    How so? > Post the code please.. I don't like downloading maps and observing them. Will do. > I'm grading this 7/10 because I believe to make cast bars in GUI one has to be insane or insanely motivated. You seem both; no offence Haha thanks. Honestly I don't understand the low ratings...
  10. the_ideal

    Special effect AoE?

    Instead of using special effects you could use units with their models set to the special effects you want, and give the units permanent immolation and locust. (The locust ability makes them unselectable, invulnerable and other things)
  11. the_ideal

    Player Group leak question

    Floating Text - Show (Last created floating text) for (Player group((Owner of (Killing unit)))) Does this leak a player group?
  12. the_ideal

    Other Rock Paper Scissors

    Suggestion: instead of the rejuvenate icon for paper, use the icon for Spy. It's a map, which is made out of paper. Or you could use one of the scroll icons. Other than that, what can I say? It's rock-paper-scissors.
  13. the_ideal

    Remove Animation from Ability

    Have you tried removing the model/art from the Frost Armor buff?
  14. the_ideal

    Collecting Good GUI spells!

    Made this spell awhile back. It's easy to implement if you want to use it.
  15. the_ideal

    Is this map optimizer + protector good?

    Here's the answer to your question: Use Vexorian's optimizer. It will make your map a much smaller size, and reduce loading time. It will also prevent most people from being able to open your map. Anyone who knows how will still be able to get into it, but they'd be able to get into it either...
  16. the_ideal

    it's all good. thanks for your consideration

    it's all good. thanks for your consideration
  17. the_ideal

    1 Icon Request

    I attached a folder with the images as .tga and the .blps for the icons. Please give credit if you use.
  18. the_ideal

    Timer - defeat

    You have to set your variable to the countdown timer. So create a Timer variable and do Action - Set Timer to (Last Created Timer) edit: also, when you're posting triggers, right click the name of the trigger (not the name on the left, the name above where it says Events) and click Copy as...
  19. the_ideal

    Timer - defeat

    Simple trigger: Event - your timer expires Action - Defeat (player) edit: ninja'd
  20. the_ideal

    Reincarnation Event

    Bump... I too wonder about this. Also, when a unit dies with reincarnation, it doesn't trigger the event "A Unit Dies."