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    General Website allows parents to rent toys for Christmas

    It's a T.V. show where entrepreneurs present their product to like these millionaires and try to get an investment.
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    General Website allows parents to rent toys for Christmas

    I remember seeing this on Shark Tank.
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    Crime Prank call fail:Bored and drunk Detroit man claims threw baby in river goes to jail

    I hate people who prank call me too. They say, "I'm coming to your house and killing you!" Geez, silly kids...
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    Environment The mini ice age starts here

    More snowboarding XD
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    Crime Man Attacks Dog

    I hope you get attacked and people don't give a damn about you.
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    Crime Mom calls 911 on son for playing too many video games

    Well wouldn't it be a great idea and let him do that his whole life and he gets eye cancer?
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    Do aliens exist

    This got pretty popular
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    Crime Seattle Police Save Burglar From Angry, Stabby Woman He Tried to Rob

    Hell i'd kill someone if they broke in my house if I had to.
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    Sci/Tech Scientists create 'sexual tsunami'

    omg gay fruit flys lol
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    57 firstt try
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    Crime City teacher charged with stealing lunch money

    Wtf did they eat at lunch?
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    Crime Elusive teen burglar becomes local legend

    Maybe he just wants to have fun:D
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    Browser doesnt save Cookies anymore

    I was having the same problem so i installed firefox and now its working