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    Whats wrong with this revive trigger ?

    I think it should be dying unit instead of triggering unit
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    Spell Contest - Themes

    yea Romek i kinda agreed with him i guess while i also want variables such as the environment and unit properties considered :p offtopic, ihve been thinking of my previous post mentioning projectiles n i think i will create a pvp based on that watcha think? Pls read the post if u hve...
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    Spell Contest - Themes

    Skillful spell theme in the sense that abilties hav no base power or effect by themselves like a spell has more power or stronger effect based on the range, application of its usage, certain properties of the caster or target unit this way its 'not the amount of power one possesses but how they...
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    Spell Contest - Themes

    Well frankly i would like to see something more original... How about power of stacked abilities for a theme? 4 example if two different heroes launch two similar spells at a unit then when the projectiles meet they should prolong the effect inflicted upon the unit. However, if two...
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    New map concept, need feedback

    Yeah I think this is a really awesome idea :D Probably be hard to pull off but still its a great concept involving alliances. (I'hve been thinking of maps to create 4 a long time as well, wonder if i should go ahead with adaptation, hmm.) Anyway GL with this :D
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    Speech during cinematics in a campaign

    Hey there guys, I was wondering if any1 knows how to create proper speech/voice over for the dialogues in a campaign. For example real voices from Reign of Chaos or Frozenthrone :P Would i have to physically record them or is there another way? Thanks for any responses. Oh seeing that in...
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    Many map at one

    Awesome! I've been looking 4 a good campaign tutorial 2day. Thnkx
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    Game Type

    Hey guys, I hve been trying to make a map 4 a LONG time now :banghead: but i just can't seem to decide on the genre so i've been thinking and i was wondering whether this mite seem appealing to u guys: Creating a game that has a campaign/rpg, a pvp, minigames etc. Is this possible? Could...
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    Minigame Conquest

    looks cool :cool: ill try it out this reminds me of tacticsarena :D
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    Halloween Contest #2 (Results Posted)

    Wow three winners n only 4 ppl entered as contestants... sad any1? :p
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    WIP Warcraft IV - Wrath of Shadows

    lol precisely the question I asked when i was planning to launch my campaign... Personally I would prefer the smaller releases but each to his own n at the end i think its just frankly your call coz everyone will argue one or the other unless u find that most ppl like one idea more....
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    Help With Making My Map

    Thats not really encouraging... what he means is if anyone would like 2 wrk besides him on this project of his... meaning that he will obviously wrk on it 2 but he just needs help coz hes inexperienced :cool:
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    Switch Maps

    oh like certain stuff like position of terrain n watever complicated stuff i mite think of... i just used the word to make it general
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    Switch Maps

    yup thats why i might post a few questions around the forum about changing variables :D
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    Switch Maps

    Hey guys, Is there any way to switch the map's layout. As in changing it so the entire map/terrain will switch to that of another. Pls tell me if this is possible n if so how to approach it. Thnkx :D
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    Minigame Tree Tag - The Legend of The Ancient Forest

    screenshots look off the chain... will try it out n get back to you :D
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    Help With Making My Map

    yea mylemonblue is rite :p but don't be put down by it, just means u should learn some more b4 u ask anything... watch some tutorials on youtube or just read some guides on the site itself. GL on yor proj watever it is, try n be original with it!:D:D
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    Ideas for a map?

    don't worry just make a game that you think will appeal to most people... just make sure that you don't try n make the next dota or the next "whatever famous game exists" just come with a totally new if not slightly tweaked concept... thats true success to map making!
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    Co-op Campaign?

    yea thats exactly what i want! could u pls point me towards a tutorial perhaps? thnkx 4 yor help so far:D
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    Co-op Campaign?

    Hey guys, from my various posts u may know that im attempting to make a campaign. N for some missions in the campaign, i was thinking that it would be pretty cool to allow 2 players control a hero each and play that particular mission together which requires 2 players. :thup: So what im...