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  1. T3rm1nat0r

    RPG Tales of Darkness OPRG

    Nice ORPG so far... very good terrain so far that i can see 9/10! I can help with Quests, coz i like doing them :D:D what type of Quests do you need?
  2. T3rm1nat0r

    AoS Overdrive - AOS map

    :D nice map, once again :) I like the spells! did you do them ALL by yourself? :D:D:D:D Have fun!
  3. T3rm1nat0r

    Final Fantasy RPG

    cool idea but... there is a FF RPG alredy (Final Fantasy RPG) unless u wer the maker of the b4 maps...
  4. T3rm1nat0r

    Save/Load Code, Yet Another

    Wat do u hav to change in the map that u attached to make it all save PROPERLY. I had it working, it saved, loaded the heroes etc. but once i acquired an item and saved, it gave a code, but wen i loaded, it said it was invalid... I did add the items to the variables, so that's not the...
  5. T3rm1nat0r

    Fail.o.S (GG_Pope's Arena Compilation)

    i say yes, make it a proper A.o.S. coz alot of ppl love a.o.e.s, lol!!!
  6. T3rm1nat0r

    The Land Of Wonders -Part One-

    ill do some items !!!!! what type, and like what sort of way must i put it in :P? ill make some items and then upload them!
  7. T3rm1nat0r

    save/load system

    hmmm..... cool site!!! tx
  8. T3rm1nat0r

    The Land Of Wonders -Part One-

    nice ORPG, may i help with anything :D? i am soo bored nothing do to, so ya, i ll help :D
  9. T3rm1nat0r

    save/load system

    ok i have check that, it is tooo confusing for me, i am looking for a site where i can dl a map and get a save/load system, tx :D
  10. T3rm1nat0r

    save/load system

    tx guys!! Ill check that now!
  11. T3rm1nat0r

    save/load system

    can someone give me a link where i can get a nice save/load system? Tx
  12. T3rm1nat0r

    War Path rpg war

    well done working on your own, u must have been working on this project for a hell of a lomg time ... what is the max level? can u save/load... answer these and ill dl it :)
  13. T3rm1nat0r

    Hero to gain EXp only through triggers? turning off bounty?

    LOL... go to gameplay constants or somthing like that ... and look for Hero - EXP table (something like that) and change it to 0
  14. T3rm1nat0r

    RPG Sagas ORPG - Revived

    is this like a new version of Sagas .... because i love this game :D... thanx !!
  15. T3rm1nat0r

    Save/Load system please

    hi guys... i need a nice save/load system for a map ... where it saves the items, exp, level and all. thanx for help in advanced
  16. T3rm1nat0r

    Undead Research RPG

  17. T3rm1nat0r

    Team for Starwars RPG

    may i help with terraining, and btw, you said you need help with terraining twice :D
  18. T3rm1nat0r

    Realms of the Survivors.

    have you finished with your other map? anyways, cool map, and the name is very very similar... but the title doesn't matter really, have fun :D i will help if needed :D
  19. T3rm1nat0r

    [Contest] Official Tower Contest - 3rd Edition (Now With Award Freshness)

    The Enchanted Tower Abilities: Triple Damage, Lightning, Extra (Just an extra ability i made for fun, but it is still triggered) 1 normal ability (Non-triggerd) 2 triggerd abilities Have fun :D
  20. T3rm1nat0r

    Melee Map

    sounds quite cool, 4/5. Suggestions: If you made the terrain just flat, change it and make it like bumbi, if you understand me. Have you put some neutral creeps around the map, if you haven't put some in random spots on the map. Make hidden treasures, where you can find about 1000...