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  1. Malice-

    Greetings old friends!

    Just about a billion years ago, I used to post on this site about Warcraft 3 map-making stuff! I was even an admin for a short period of time. I wonder if anybody I knew is still around?
  2. Malice-

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    [Gaming] The Heartbeat of Liberty City (GTA IV) There's a chained, beating heart inside the Statue of Happiness. Seriously The hunt is on! Millions of people are already fervently searching for the biggest Easter Egg shocker in GTA IV, and if there's something crazier than this, it's going...
  3. Malice-

    Ron Paul Thread

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul WOULD be the type of person to get assassinated. I love him, and hope he gets elected even if he does have a slim chance, but look at the machine he's going up against... Years of a political stranglehold by the liberals, neocons, and federal bankers alike...
  4. Malice-

    Crime Family Of 6 Arrested Over Droopy Jeans

    lol @ the 2 people who said "finally" and "good"... You guys are the support this machine needs to do ridiculous things like this :) IDK how some people develop such personal issues with people who dress or act differently than them. They shouldn't have resisted arrest, but if I was in their...
  5. Malice-

    [General] Teen gets phonebook instead of PS3 in box

    Apparently the Grinch hasn't just stolen Christmas; he's also stolen one boy's PS3. According to a story by Fox11 news of Thousand Oaks, California, the parents of a lucky 13 year-old decided to buy their son a PS3 with some sweet games. That's the good news. The bad news is when he opened...
  6. Malice-

    [Sci/Tech] ABSOLUTE HOT: Is there an opposite to absolute zero?

    Seems like an innocent enough question, right? Absolute zero is 0 on the Kelvin scale, or about minus 460 F. You can't get colder than that; it would be like trying to go south from the South Pole. Is there a corresponding maximum possible temperature? Well, the answer, depending on which...
  7. Malice-

    [US News] US passes tighter gun control law

    I agree completely with uberfoop. Although this doesn't affect me, as I would pass the checks to get a weapon, this will do NO good in stopping killers from killing people with guns. All this will do is make innocent/good natured people who wish to use the weapons for...
  8. Malice-

    [Sci/Tech] New property found in ancient mineral lodestone

    Using the latest methods for nanofabrication, a team led by Rice University physicists has discovered a surprising new electronic property in one of the earliest-known and most-studied magnetic minerals on Earth -- lodestone, also known as magnetite. By changing the voltage in their...
  9. Malice-

    My Return

    SHADOWY FEAR!!! Man its been so long I haven't been active here lately, but I pop by every now and then. And read the news every day :P Of course, the first thing I remember is testing the early betas of Conan's "A World Ablaze"... You were one of my favorite people here... Then after you...
  10. Malice-

    [Crime] Rape victim gets 200 lashes

    Not even going to comment...
  11. Malice-

    Hero Steal?

    I figured I had overlooked it, I had only read his first post - Sorry - I'm also falling asleep as its nearly 3 AM :X Thank you
  12. Malice-

    Hero Steal?

    This ability is a simple mind control ability that works like charm, although it doesnt really pertain to what you are looking for I don't think, it shows a breakdown of taking possession of the unit that may seem simpler. I would imagine without getting too fancy, you can simply "Hide" the...
  13. Malice-

    Sizing Special Effects

    Is it possible, without creating a dummy unit and changing the size of the missile, to change the size of special effects? Jass custom script, or otherwise...? Thanks in advance.
  14. Malice-

    I want to trigger a unit to cast an ability when it's created

    Might as well tack this question to this thread: Is it possible to issue a created unit the order to cast a custom ability?
  15. Malice-

    I want to trigger a unit to cast an ability when it's created

    Neither of these explanations are very clear to someone who is new to triggering. Not saying they are bad, but, are these 'order' commands found in GUI? Or are they custom JASS scripts? Can you be a bit more specific?
  16. Malice-

    Item Recipe - Identical items [Help]

    Thanks for the help guys - i haven't tried your suggestions yet but just saw the responses and wanted to say thanks in advance.
  17. Malice-

    Item Recipe - Identical items [Help]

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  18. Malice-

    System Recipe System

    It seems that he has abandoned this thread... but incase he ever does come back... The script wont work with my map because the custom map script you have to add conflicts with custom scripts I already have there. I'm not sure if this is even fixable, but its good to note that.
  19. Malice-

    Item Recipe - Identical items [Help]

    Yeah, the only problem is his script code that goes in the maps 'custom script' section conflicts with other custom script i already have there, so i cant use it.
  20. Malice-

    Item Recipe - Identical items [Help]

    So, I have a recipe to combine boots of speed to make "Boots of speed 2" when two of them are acquired, but it only works if i have NO OTHER items in my inventory. I can't really figure out why, either Here is my faulty trigger: Boots of Speed Upgrade Events Unit - A unit...