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    Pretty sure Newgen did this by default o: Are you using the vanilla editor?
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    World Hundreds of Facebook users crash teen's birthday party

    If she just would have pulled it off instead of calling the police, it probably would have been one badass party. ... I know i would've: "=D? Hell Yeah!"
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    Crime Eight horses burned to death in bizarre anti-gay hate crime attack

    I don't like gay people. So I think I'll go kill some horses today. ...Wat?
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    World Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines

    I read the small description, not watching any of the videos until afterword, and had a horrible(and quite bloody) assumption for what this looked like... it made me cringe a little thinking of someone being nailed through the wrists and ankles(might have been somewhere in the shin area? idk)...
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    Need assistance with an idea

    Umm is this save/load? if not, it shouldn't be too hard. I personally wouldn't bother with editing the item itself, only checking periodically to see if it were in the inventory, that way you can take the +stats away if they drop the item, and add them back if they pick it up :/ then just mod...
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    My first piece :s

    This is the first piece of music i've ever made up x.x so i was curious what you guys thought. Link to the converted Mp3 I know it's rather short, but i only worked on it for an hour or so. (25ish seconds) and it is guitar music :| even though it sounds like a vibraphone. It just sounded...
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    vjass compiling but back handing me with fatal x.x

    yes, i am saving it before testing, and rtc has always been turned off :s
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    vjass compiling but back handing me with fatal x.x

    i'm not really sure what i'm doing wrong, but i have igen in a map, which saves perfectly fine, giving me "success!,...success!" ect. but every time i play it it's insta-fatal? :| Is there something i need to enable/disable in newgen to get it working? Yes, i have updated jasshelper to...
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    Make npc hero use ability

    yeah :p if you create the unit in the trigger, than it has nothing to do with the initialization of that trigger... so it couldn't be "triggering unit" it would just be "last created unit" glad you figured it out x]
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    Make npc hero use ability

    Not entirely sure if it would use it even if it had it (not very adept in anything AI related) but it's quite likely you would have to give the ability levels via trigger :| Unit - Set level of Shadow Strike for (Triggering unit) to 25
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    Gathering a Team for an RPG

    Sure i'm rather bored >.> i can do pretty much everything, so whatever you need halp with. Some terrain that i did a long time ago: Oldschool terrain crap and uhh.... Here's the last project i was tinkering with? if you wanted to see that >.> Incorrectly Titled Project
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    retain hero stats?

    okay then: Hero - Modify Strength of (Last created unit): Set to (Strength of (Triggering unit) (Exclude bonuses)) should be what you're after
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    retain hero stats?

    please explain a little more how you "change" your hero :x I'm sure you could just transfer stats by setting integer variables, if its in more than one trigger, or you can just hero- set Str to Str of triggering unit or something like that.
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    Scroll speed?

    Does anyone know a way to slow the speed that the camera scrolls when you move your mouse to the sides of the window? i have tiny houses, and moving the camera that way is quite difficult to do x]
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    Help modifying a melee map

    yeah, the only reason mine looks so cool is because i copied and pasted the actual trigger xD otherwise it would look the same as yours. Anywho, i just uploaded a map with it in it :3
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    Other Final Fantasy Warcraft

    nevar enuf x.x's and t.t's as long as you have an infinite amount of PewPew's and i thought it was going to be multitype-terrained? edit: nvm, didn't see this. though, i think that can be bypassed if you despawned them when they were unnecessary
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    Selection Circle...

    that happens to me in melee games sometimes with mah beetles and fiends :x it seems to reset itself when the unit goes up a hill and gains enough height. can you add to the units height, then set it back down instantly, so it wouldn't be noticeable to players? wonder if that would work O_o...
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    help with multiboard (I really dunno what to do anymore)

    i second this. It helps incredibly. And couldnt the hero icons just be put alongside the player names? each box has it's own icon, so i think it'd be a bit more efficient as far as screen space if you just combined the two :x Though, that's just imo. you probably have some justification. Edit...
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    Other Final Fantasy Warcraft

    I'd love to help, but it seems all I'd be good for was terraining :x and I'm not sure how it really applies with the tiles covering everything up x.x i too noob to get it t.t or is the grid spawned just to available positions around the player whos turn it is, then despawn when their turn is...
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    How to write in colord letters (ROC editor)

    ? :x your answer reads "yes" to both posibilities. what whoareyou means is that it will be Dark he just worded it funny, and i had a hard time figuring it out :p It works on all in-game text that way. edit: and yeah, use the edit button... else i would have 3 posts in place of this one...