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  1. Cookiemaster

    Help with first Jass spell

    It looks pretty good to me for a first JASS spell actually. The "Pull" function can be optimized a bit though. Removing the BJ functions with their math equivalents will give a boost in speed, since JASS function calls are kind of slow. (And you're calling this function 33+ times per second...
  2. Cookiemaster

    Trigger causing lag

    First of, Wait 0.10 seconds Don't use waits for such things. They are inaccurate. Just remove them and create the units at different distances from the caster. (E.g. 60,80,100,120,140. The bullets will have 20 distance in between. But if you really want to spawn the bullets on intervals...
  3. Cookiemaster

    Are Unremoved Variables considered Leaks?

    The above poster (Accname) makes a good point about your variable-usage. It is better if you use arrays. The problem with that is though, you are already using arrays! And, judging by your code, 12 (16?) fields are used. One for each player. Here's some real magic, let's say you could...
  4. Cookiemaster

    SC2 is nice, but a single fact is disappointing.

    Starcraft 2 has a hero system as well, it's called veterancy. It's just not used in melee.
  5. Cookiemaster

    Error: e_arrayIndexOverflow

    an arrayIndexOverflow happens when you use an invalid integer as an index. (E.g. the array is given size "10" in gui, making it 11 big (0~10), any number other than 0~10 will give this error.) Check your arrays for their sizes. Try making them bigger and see if any errors will then be thrown.
  6. Cookiemaster

    Looking for Mappers to Build Team

    Who gives a shit about the money? The money you MIGHT earn from premium maps will probably be so little that it's hardly worth the time, it's not worth focusing on or putting as a goal.
  7. Cookiemaster

    90% of Custom Games unplayable due to lag.

    They're already doing that... US, EU, Asia, <more stuff, dunnolol.>
  8. Cookiemaster

    90% of Custom Games unplayable due to lag.

    ... D: What have they done
  9. Cookiemaster

    Looking for Mappers to Build Team

    I could do some triggering, data editing and terraining. Though, preferably, I would want to do triggering, as long as there will be a way for me to just type out the code instead of this slow GUI in there right now.
  10. Cookiemaster


    Oh god, I hope not. That would just kill a big part of the fanbase.
  11. Cookiemaster

    Data Editor Changed in Patch 13

    You can always disable table view by pressing ctrl+t, or going to it under "view".
  12. Cookiemaster

    Horrible censorship...

    "Cookiemaster" wasn't allowed before this patch as a playername, and now it is. Hmm.
  13. Cookiemaster

    Data Editor Changed in Patch 13

    They had some grouping in the old table layout as well. It just was awkward, though.
  14. Cookiemaster

    My version of pretty cliffs...

    Isn't it possible to, by use of making your own cliffs with the height tool, as well as some clever pathing map editing, to get the same result? The only problem that remains then is some fiddling with fog of war.
  15. Cookiemaster

    How do you call your custom function?

    Wherever you specify something that must return a variable, there should be a "functions" list. E.G. when setting an int variable, functions that return an int are listed.
  16. Cookiemaster

    Make missile detonate upon impact of a wall

    And seeing how you can just replace attack damage effects with these kinds of things, as well as add/remove weapons... I guess it's easily possible to construct something awesome in the data editor with this.
  17. Cookiemaster

    small math problem

    If I recall correctly, converting a real to integer rounds the decimals down to 0. And if not, well, there's probably a floor (round-down) function somewhere.
  18. Cookiemaster


    [citation needed] (seriously, why would they make the way the galaxy editor saves/compresses maps different for the US/EU version?!)
  19. Cookiemaster

    Terraining Poll

    This terrain editor is great, besides the stupid cliff limitations. IMPORT YOUR OWN TEXTURES!
  20. Cookiemaster

    for each integer from ... trigger help?

    You need to make an integer variable to be looped. Variable: <the int var you made> start: <the lowest int value that it has to use, 1 by default> end: <the highest int value that it should use, 10 by default> increment: <how much the variable is increased by each loop> Example: var...