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  1. Tom Jones

    Execute order

    Triggers will execute in the order they are declared, meaning a trigger in the start of the map code will execute before a trigger in the end of the map code. This also applies if both the triggers have the same event. Condiitions will fire in the order they are added to the trigger. And...
  2. Tom Jones

    Different return bugs fix

    Why would you even need to typecast with the new natives? call SaveUnitHandle(...) call LoadUnitHandle(...)
  3. Tom Jones

    Quick Question

    GetUnitId() GetUnitTypeId(...)
  4. Tom Jones

    Passive ability question (sorta)

    The first one is relatively simple: Cant touch this onLearn Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to to *Some Spell* (Learned skill level) Equal to 1 Actions Trigger - Add to Cant touch this Activate <gen> the event...
  5. Tom Jones

    Disable Attack Index

    Maybe Cargo Hold (Orc Burrow) or Root.
  6. Tom Jones

    maybe event

    No such event exists, though trackables can do wonders. I do believe that RtC have the event you need, but for the moment RtC is broken.
  7. Tom Jones

    creating 2 dummies? or casting 2 of the same spell?

    Function callback shouldn't return a boolean. Neither should act2. I'm amazed that it doesn't crash your editor, it would in the old days. EVENT_PLAYER_HERO_SKILL gives you access to GetLearnedSkillLevel(). Always use GetTriggerUnit() when appliable, in this case GetLearningUnit() ==...
  8. Tom Jones

    System Timer32

    It's been updated to the latest patch, scroll down to Earth-Fury's post. I really just wanted to see the principle.
  9. Tom Jones

    System Timer32

    I would actually also like to see how this is benchmarked.
  10. Tom Jones

    How to use a method?

    Static methods can easily be private, it however disables access to the method from outside the struct. local thistype thisshould always be used inside a struct, at least in my opinion. Are you wondering what you should assign as value?
  11. Tom Jones

    Whats wrong with this 1 line (Simple)

    The function you're using also takes another argument, a filter function.
  12. Tom Jones

    Animation showing issues

    Could you point out where in the code the error is?
  13. Tom Jones

    Illusion Wand Issue

    call IssueImmediateOrderById(...,852274)
  14. Tom Jones

    How to use a method?

    struct main static method onCast_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return ... endmethod static method onCast takes nothing returns nothing ... endmethod static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing local trigger trig = Create...
  15. Tom Jones

    Boolexpr Leaks

    I've recently tested it thoroughly, and yes it does create a memory leak.
  16. Tom Jones

    Array question

    I don't understand you're question, however:function SetIndex takes integer index, integer value returns nothing set someArray[index] = value endfunction
  17. Tom Jones

    Why does this doesn't work?

    Does the scope have Init as initializer. Is, as uberfoop mentioned, EventAdder initialized? Can we see the code where EventAdder is declared?
  18. Tom Jones

    Is this a bad bj?

    Inline it: call GroupEnum...(G,...) call ForGroup(G,function GroupPickRandomUnitEnum) call KillUnit(bj_groupRandomCurrentPick) *Edit* Oh, that was excactly what you meant.
  19. Tom Jones

    does local unit u still worK?

    Your problem is in the StartFunc function, use of uninitialized variable p.
  20. Tom Jones

    Spell Fire Geysers

    You probably have fixed seeds turned on, to turn it off: Main editor window -> File -> Preferences -> Test Map -> Untick "Use Fixed Random Seed".