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  1. Cheddar

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    Really tempted to do this.
  2. Cheddar

    Whats the original name

    For future reference, I believe the Crystal model is used for Jakiro's Ice Path ability.
  3. Cheddar

    Help with ability like Wisps' Spirits!

    Make a new array variable PoisonDummyPoint. Set each dummy as PoisonDummy1/2/3/4 and have its point be PoisonDummyPoint1/2/3/4. Repeat for all dummies and just do it manually, I suppose. You could get fancy with "For each Integer A from 1 to 4, set (PoisonDummyPoint) = (PoisonDummyPoint)...
  4. Cheddar

    The Tower Contest - The Special 6th Season

    Can you attach a replay? Worked fine when I did it, but I'll see if there's something up with the coding.
  5. Cheddar

    The Tower Contest - The Special 6th Season

    Yeah, I've got a tower in working order, I need to take screenshots and figure out if I want to add anything else to it, as it seems a bit simple right now. EDIT: Eh, here we go. Ice Tower By Cheddar Place the trap on the track and bait the hook. They'll come running and wish they...
  6. Cheddar

    UCBerkley Lectures

    Ah, this is cool, I'm actually a student here at Cal. Unfortunately, it seems to be a select few courses, none of which I'm taking :/
  7. Cheddar

    The Tower Contest - The Special 6th Season

    I always liked the idea of a "Non-Triggered Hero" contest.
  8. Cheddar

    Should high schoolers go out with each other?

    I wouldn't worry about anything happening there. It's natural for boys and girls to say they have boyfriends/girlfriends early on. It's not like she's going "Hey, Mom, after nap time I'm supposed to meet Jeffy, so can we get my jumper cleaned because I spilled juice box on it?". It's a very...
  9. Cheddar

    Moving a Unit as a Missile

    To me it looks like you add an expiration timer to your dummy which is less than a second (1400 / 1550 is close to 1 second, unless it's supposed to move really quickly). Other than that it should function normally. EDIT: Just realized this is probably mimicing "Powershot". Well, try using...
  10. Cheddar

    The Tower Contest - The Special 6th Season

    Aahhhh, I just got a copy of WCIII and I've been itching to get back into the World Editor. Need to find some time to do this. Also in before tons of the Snowman doodads become towers >_^
  11. Cheddar

    Should high schoolers go out with each other?

    Why does "pie" have more votes than "cake"? I'm fine with high schoolers dating. My high school was full of rational people who aren't going to go "oh, look, somebody of the opposite sex, let's go bang without a condom". Dating doesn't always lead to sex, and I think it's better than the...
  12. Cheddar

    AoE Roots

    "Target unit of ability being cast" references a specific unit that's clicked. It's for use in spells like Storm Bolt, Cripple, Soul Burn, etc. You technically don't ever target a unit if you cast Blizzard/Flame Strike/Some other AoE spell.
  13. Cheddar

    Is Online Voting Good?

    Okay, I misunderstood. I figure there's some bias, yes, because the voter has to have some sort of motivation to go to the website in the first place to vote. I guess you could argue that polls which take place on websites which require signing up would be better because those who actually...
  14. Cheddar

    Is Online Voting Good?

    I don't see how anyone could logically vote "no, online voting is bad" in an online poll.
  15. Cheddar

    AoE Roots

    Haven't you ordered one dummy to cast on several units?
  16. Cheddar

    Heroes in rectangles.

    Top picture, bottom right corner. Two above that is Cathy.
  17. Cheddar

    AoE Roots

    This is the first problem that I noticed, plus the fact that you'll be ordering one dummy to do all of the entangling. Move the dummy creation and related actions into the loop and just order "Last created unit" to cast on "Picked unit".
  18. Cheddar


    You'd have to adjust for the enemies' armors, plus if your unit dies or just never gets the opportunity to attack then it'd create problems. If it's done voluntarily then a player could just stack 6 of the most damaging items in the game, attack the dummy, and then build normally while maxing...
  19. Cheddar

    Statistic Poll: What do you wear when you go to bed?

    Boxers. I've never understood why people sleep in the nude. I also sometimes do jeans for some reason, but I think it wrinkles them and then catastrophic results ensue.
  20. Cheddar

    How to set AoE for Hex?

    The action I'm talking about will take the level of your Hex ability on your hero and set the dummy ability to that. You'll want your dummy's Hex ability to have the number of levels that your actual spell does. If you cast the spell when the spell is level 7, it will have the dummies cast...